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Travel Egypt with Fun - Epic adventure tours for 18 to 30-somethings.

YOLO Tours are Fast adventurous tours for those who have the spirit of adventure. Tours for those who prefer fast-paced, budget friendly trips around Egypt, where you visit exciting new places each day. These tours are for you if you love making new friends in the new places you visit.

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Fun Down The Nile
After a Cairo start at the pyramids, a trip down the Nile from Aswan to Luxor is an experience of a life time. Taste the African life in Aswan , and then start your river trip to the heart of Egypt to melt with the Egyptian history and culture. It is quite logic and makes sense that traveling on the Nile from north to south is expressed as "DOWN THE NILE". However, the truth is the opposite. The Nile runs the other way around, from south to north, and traveling down th Nile is to travel from south to north. The Nile is the longest river in the world with 6680 K.m and It runs in 10...
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Egypt yolo - The best of Egypt Budget tours
10 days of tours all around Egypt. Stunning Giza pyramids tours, Cairo museum guided tours, walking tours in the old town, Coptic and Islamic Cairo tours, visit to the tourist market, Luxor attractions including Valley of the Kings and Habu temple, Aswan attractions with a visit to Ramses II...
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Egypt Has It All -14 days Tours
Egypt has it all from the Classical tours to the desert Oases trips & safari. This package covers all these tours In 14 days. You will do Cairo, Aswan, Nile cruise, and Luxor with all the classical sites of attraction, then do Hurghada by the Red sea for the beach & the sun, and then finish...


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