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Egypt Desert Safari

Mountains At Bahariya OasisEgypt desert safari trips to the western desert, white desert, Black desert, crystal mountain, Aqabat desert,valley of whales, Fayoum oasis, Dakhla, Kharga, Farafra, Siwa, and bahariyya oasis.

  • Fayoum Oasis Desert adventures, 2 nights camping

    Golden mountains wadi hitan423 days Desert Safari tours in the Western desert to the following places: Rayyan Valley, Magic lake, Sand dunes, Valley of the whales, Sand boarding, Arabs palaces & Sand dunes (camping area), Water melons valley (formations), The cave (small camping cave area), Northern side of Qaroon lake, Sagha Palace, Demeit ElSebaa

  • Desert Adventure : 7 Days 6 Nights

    whales valley egypt

    This is a tour to see all the must-sees of Cairo and Alexandria together with an amazing camping trip to the oases of the western desert. Want to see and feel the magic of Egypt!! Join this trip and experience the best adventure in your

  • Full Day Trip To Wadi El-Hitan

    wadi elhitan trips

    In 1902, the world celebrated another great discovery that comes the second in importance after king Tut's in 1922, it is completely different though, as it is a world's heritage site like the valley of the kings, the Pharaohs had no clue how to find such place..It is the Whales valley in the Western Egyptian

  • Overnight Camping Tour of White & Black Deserts from Cairo

    desert jeep safari

    The white desert is a miracle delivered by mother nature for us to enjoy! This safari adventure is the most interesting one on our planet. If visiting Egypt, you

  • White Desert Camping

    jeep safari logo fun

    The fact that Europe is the only contenent without any desert makes it a must for any European to visit Egypt for the very unique experience of camping in the desert. It is going to be one of a kind because of the white desert where we install our camp and let you enjoy the lunar atmposphere surrounded

  • Djara Cave & White Desert Camping 5 Days 4 Nights

    white desert egypt

    Desert camping lovers, this trip is for you. A very special camping experience in two defferent deserts. Start your trip from Cairo and do one night camping at the white desert and another at the Djara

  • Wadi El-Hitan Adventure In 4 Days 3 Nights.

    whales valley desert

    The Western Egyptian desert is one of its kind. Sign up for this unique experience and be one of the first people visiting the valley of the whales. Camping at that world's heritage site is a worthwhile experience. And the white desert is definitely one of the nature's wonders with its heavenly formations and lunar

  • Desert Safari Adventure

    desert foxThis trip is among the adventure holidays that you can do in Egypt. There is no better way to experience the desert safari true adventure than having a safari oasis tour in Egypt with Egypt Fun Tours.

    Four wheel driving, sand dunes & desert safari camel riding are among the popular activities you shall

  • 10 Days Desert Adventure:

    new white desert

    Would you like to add a little spice to your Egypt trip?...An Egypt trip with Khaled Afifi is so delicious and tasty that the one loses the ability to forget how much fun it was with this Expert Egypt Tour Guide. He takes you in this trip to the northern coast, and then on to Siwa oasis, Bahariyya oasis, and

  • White Desert, Black Desert, & Whales Valley: 3 Days, 2 Nights

    valley of whales egypt


    Another amazing experience to the Egyptian western desert. In 3 days you will be sharing the fun with the desert foxes and the very ancient whales!! take this trip and start your unique Bedouin experience, and see what was classified by the UNESCO as one of the world's heritage

  • Day Trips To The Desert Destinations

    White Desert

    You can easily settle in Cairo as the main destination of your trip, and still be able to see a lot of the Egypt's sightseeing and attractions even in the desert of Egypt. From Cairo you can do separate day trips to many destinations in the desert to see the wonders of the lost world that existed on Egypt millions of years ago!

    Wadi El-Hitan is one of the

  • 3 Days Desert Safari Tour

    desert formations egypt

    Among all the adventure holidays, this one can not be missed!! Three days trip that will take you deep into the great Sahara desert to experience the life of the Bedouins, see many different landmarks and scenery, animals, and birds, and to experience camping in the stunning White

  • Sand, Whales & Dahabiyya

    valley of whalesThis is a trip to the past, to the very beginning of Egypt, even to before the mankind when the whales were there in the Egyptian Western desert almost 200 million years ago, the time the place used to be an Ocean!...Dahabiyyas are beautifully crafted sailboats which were a very

  • 3 Days Desert Adventure

    mushroom white desertThis not-to-be-missed trip is an adventure of a life time! We pick you up from your hotel in Cairo to the western Egyptian desert (Bahariya Oases) to experience a completely different way of life. Observe and experience the life of the Bedouins, and how they interact with the desert and its dry climate. The first night you stay in a

  • An Adventure To Wadi El-Hitan: 2 days and 1 night

    wadi elhitan3

    Have you ever tried sleeping on an ocean's bed?...With Egypt Fun you will do at Wadi El-Hitan on the floor of the ancient Tethys Sea that covered the area millions of years ago. With our professional team you will invade the desert and dance with the foxes.

  • AN ADVENTURE TO WADI EL-HITAN: 2 days and 1 night

    adventure to wadi elhitan

    Have you ever tried sleeping on an ocean's bed?...With Egypt Fun you will do at Wadi El-Hitan on the floor of the ancient Tethys Sea that covered

  • Trips To The Whales' Valley

    wadi elhitanHave you ever swum with the whales on the sand of the great Sahara desert?...a site was found few years ago just in the middle of the Northern western desert of Egypt that used to be a shore where the Whales gathered looking for food 40 million years ago. 400 fossilized Whales were found in

  • Wadi El-Hitan Adventure In 4 Days 3 Nights.

    wadi elhitan

    Have you ever imagined yourself seeing 40 million years old Whales, and even sleep in the bottom of the ocean?...One of the world's heritage sites by UNESCO is the Whales' valley in the

  • 3 Days White & Black desert

    new white desert

    Stunning trip from Cairo into the White Desert & the black desert - camp & sleep under the stars in a place from the moon after enjoying

  • Cairo, White & Black desert 3 Days - 2 Nights

    aqabat white desert

    Stunning trip from Cairo into the White Desert & the black desert - camp & sleep under the stars in a place from the moon



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