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Cairo Transit Tours

Sphinx pyramid

Transit tours from Cairo international airport to Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Islamic and Coptic cairo, Sakkara and Memphis, and to Khan Elkhalili tourist bazaar.

  • Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Tour from Cairo Airport

    Three Pyramids Egypt

    This is a layover tour from Cairo airport to the pyramids and the Sphinx with stops at the ancient temples and the Queens, pyramids. Opportunity to visit the Solar boat of king Khufu and do a Camel ride around the desert of the pyramids.


    Layover Tour To Pyramids, Sphinx, And Sakkara

    sphinx head

    Cairo airport layover tour to pyramids, Sphinx, and Sakkara. See the Great pyramid, the Sphinx, and the Step pyramid in your Cairo layover tour. From Cairo airport to the pyramids, Sphinx, and Sakkara museum and pyramids.

    Layover Tour to the Pyramids and the Sphinx from Cairo Airport

    cairo layover tour7

    This tour highlights the famous pyramids of Egypt as well as the Sphinx with an opportunity to stroll the city market at Khan Elkhalili. If time permits, there will be a fantastic walking tour in the old city of AlQahira.

    "Layover Tour To The Pyramids And The Sphinx"

    Sound And Light Show In a Layover Tour

    sound light show giza layover tour


    Tour the city and enjoy the old part of medieval Cairo during your layover. Attend the sound and light show at the Giza great pyramids site when you arrive Cairo in the afternoon.


    Egyptair Layover Tours From Cairo Airport

    cairo layover tour3

    Choosing an Egyptair flight with a connection is not always a bad choice! It could be a great chance if you have a long layover allows you to make a tour to the big city of Cairo and see the pyramids. Don't get mad and do not think of how you are going to spend all that long time waiting at the airport for your next flight. Just contact us, get your entry visa

  • 12 Hours Cairo Layover Tour From Cairo Airport

    12hours layover PYRAMID SPHINX tour


    Leaving from New York and landing in Cairo at noontime for a layover, and then leaving at midnight?... Looking for the perfect Cairo layover tour?...We offer the best Cairo tour could be ever

  • Cairo Layover Ideas

    cairo layover tour10

    Do you have an extended stay in Cairo, long layover, or an overnight?... Why not get out of the airport and take in some of Cairo's activities?... There is much to see in this massive city. The great pyramids of Egypt must be one of the things that you list in mind to see, the Egyptian museum, the Islamic architecture, the large bazaar, and the ancient Coptic

  • Transit Tours from Cairo airport

    khafra pyramidCairo airport is one of the transit and layover spots in the world as it falls almost in the center of the world. Doing a transit tour to see Cairo is the best option to spend your layover instead of laying in the airport for hours waiting for your next flight! No matter how long your layover is, as long as it is longer than 5 hours, it would be enough to see the iconic

  • Full Day Tour to Giza, Cairo museum, and Islamic Cairo

    king EkhnatonFull day tour to Cairo attractions, Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo museum, down town, and Khan El-khalili large tourist bazaar with an amazing walking tour in the ancient Islamic medieval part of Cairo AlQahira. Get to taste the Egyptian food at a local restaurant (where the locals eat), it is safe, clean, and

  • Early arrival, 16 hours Cairo Lay-over Tour From Cairo Airport

    cairo layover tour2

    This is a long Cairo layover tour of 16 hours: See Giza great pyramids, the Egyptian national museum, the Citadel of Saladin, Mohamed Ali alabaster mosque, Islamic medieval Cairo, Khan El-khalili bazaar, and El-Fishawy coffee shop.

    Trip duration: 16 hours | Trip type:
  • Short Cairo Layover Tour From Cairo Airport

    short cairo layover our camel pyramids


    In short transit of 5 hours, see the famous pyramids of Egypt, the Sphinx, the ancient temples,  and stroll

  • Layover Tour From Cairo Airport - Early Morning Arrival

    cairo layover tour8

    Are you arriving to Cairo so early? If you arrive as early as 5:00 am and want to go out of the airport and do enjoy seeing the city of Cairo, you are here in the right place! Egypt Fun Tours makes the most out of your transit in Cairo. From 5:00 am or 5:30 to the time the Giza pyramids site opens its doors, our expert tour guide will

  • Cairo Treasures By Khaled Afifi

    alabaster mosqueEver wanted to see the treasures of Cairo?...Wish to see the Golden stuff of the boy king Tut?....No need to worry, just contact us to book this stunning day tour to see Cairo national museum, The famous citadel of Cairo built by the leader Salah El-din, and finish your day with a well-worth cup of Egyptian tea at El-fishawy coffee shop at the heart

  • Cairo Highlights By Khaled Afifi

    khaled afifi hookah

    This trip covers the highlights of the pyramids area specially those famous iconic sites from the old ancient Egyptian kingdom.Good to know that the three very-well-known sites lie on the western bank of the Nile at Giza. Book this trip to enjoy visiting Giza pyramids, Saqqara Pyramids & tombs, and

  • Egypt Unveiled: Sakkara and Giza Plateau

    solar boat cheopsEgypt, the land of the Pharaohs. In this day we drive to explore Sakkara, the vast necropolis of hundreds of tombs and 14 pyramids, including the famous Step Pyramid built by Zoser I in 2700 BC. After lunch (Optional), travel to the Giza Plateau, site of the Pyramids of Mycerinus, Chefren and the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the only survivor of the Seven

  • Cairo Airport Layover By Sherine K.

    Egyptian museum lady

    For millennia the iconic sights of Egypt have held visitors in their sway, from the timeless pyramids of Giza to the dazzling colour of the pharaohs' tombs and never more so than today. A holiday to Egypt is on many people's travel wish list.  Begin your holiday in Egypt in the vibrant city of Cairo where I'll

  • Cairo Stop Over Tour From Cairo Airport (Early Arrival Long Layover)

    cairo layover tour5

    This layover tour is unique as it covers the famous pyramids sites of Egypt. Giza pyramids, the Sphinx,

  • Layover Tour From Cairo Airport: Afternoon Start

    layover camel tour


    Arriving in Cairo in the afternoon does not mean you will miss a visit to the Giza Pyramids & the Sphinx, it only takes

  • Cairo Layover Tour (Afternoon Arrival)


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