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Classic Tours & Excursions

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Classic tours & excursions give you the full chance to experience ancient Egypt with all the glory of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Tours cover the must-sees and all the iconic sites of Egypt as well as local places and Nile's life style and cruises.

  • The Glory of Egypt

    karnak tourist

    In this trip we focus on Luxor as our main spot of attractions. Two days in Cairo, Two days in Aswan, and three days in Luxor to see the magnificent monuments of Egypt from the Pharaohs glorious time. Luxor worth spending half of the trip as it has got one

  • The Magic Of Egypt

    luxor temple at sunset

    It was said that the best time frame to tour Egypt within is 7 days / 6 nights! A well-tailored proposal would let you see the stunning ancient attractions of Egypt, will let you know about and see modern Egypt, and get

  • Sites Of Medieval Cairo

    Moez street CairoThere are 651 buildings from Medieval Cairo listed in the index produced by the Survey of Egypt in 1951 including mosques, Madrasas, mausoleums, Khanqahs, Khans, Wikalas and private homes. Today it is estimated that some 450 still remain and it is probable that Cairo has more medieval

  • City Tour By Horse Carriage At Luxor

    city tour by horse luxorLuxor city tour by horse carriage is a very special experience the one should not miss. Join us and take a horse carriage to see Luxor city by night. The starting point would be your hotel / Nile cruise, or any place of your choice. The trip takes you to the main streets of Luxor in a

  • Balloon Ride At The West Bank Of The Nile At Luxor

    One of the very interesting trips is done from the sky of Luxor above the western bank of the Nile at Luxor, Take a balloon tour with us and fly over the valley of the kings, the valley of the Queens, the Ramsseum, the temple of Medinet Habu, the temple of Queen Hatshepseut, and all the ancient monuments and graves of the Pharaohs.

    The trip starts at 4:30 am every

  • Abusimbel Day Trip From Aswan By Flight

    Abusimbel is one of the most fascinating temples of Egypt, it was built by king Ramses II At Nubia. The temple is situated 280 K.m south west of Aswan 40 k.m north of Sudan. the temple is unique because of the special facade of three huge statues of the king, each is 25 meters high. The facade itself is 35 meters height, and 35 meters width. King Ramses built 7 temples at Nubia, all were dedicated to the main gods of Egypt including himself as a main

  • Sound & Light Show At Philae Temple At Aswan

    philae sound light show

    The sound and light show at Aswan is done at Philae temple on the Isis island, Visitors use motor boats to go see the temple or the sound and light show. the full storyof Isis and Osirus is narrated in you own language. We will pick you up from

  • Sound & Light Show At Giza Pyramids

    soundlightThe sound and light show at Giza takes place every night for 55 minutes by the Great Sphinx of king Kephren, it is a laser show with history narration of your own language. Ask your local tour guide about the starting time of the sound and light show of your language and he would be the most pleased to

  • The Beauty Of Egypt : 7 Days Egypt Tour

    Chephren pyramid

    See the beauty of Egypt. 7 days Egypt tour is the best among all Egypt tour options. Enjoy visiting Cairo's top sites, see the high edifices of Luxor, explore the ancient temples at Elephantine Island at Aswan together with the famous high dam and Philae temple of goddess Isis, and make an interesting bus tour to

  • Day Tour To Luxor From Hurghada

    luxor hatshepsutDay Tour to Luxor and Valley of the Kings from Hurghada. Enjoy the magnificent Temples of ancient Egypt in the world's first historical city. The Tour Includes visits to Luxor & Karnak temples, Valley of the kings, Hatshepsut Temple and Colossi of Memnon.

    Day Trip To Giza Pyramids & Sakkara From Alexandria Port

    camels giza pyramidsShore excursions, ship tours and day trips to Cairo from Alexandria Port to Giza Pyramids. Egypt from vessels, cruise ships arriving Alexandria where you will get excited by a visit to Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and

    Cairo Excursions From Alexandria Port

    Sphinx giza pyramidsGet your eyes open by a Funtastic Shore excursion and sightseeing to Cairo from Alexandria port. Enjoy the sight of the Giza Pyramids with Cheops, Chephren, Mykerinus and Great Sphinx. Then proceed to the Egyptian Museum which features artifacts from the Pharaonic period with the very well known collection of the boy king Tut-ankh-amoun.

  • Two Weeks "Golden Nubia"


    See the best of Egypt in two weeks, wonderful Abusimbel and its sound and light show is featured, Giza pyramids and the Sphinx, Luxor and the glory of the Pharaohs, Aswan with its beauty, and a stunning Nile cruise experience are the main highlights

  • Cairo Excursions, Two Days Tour

    cairo museum rahotep nofret

    A Cairo's tour package covers the main attractions. Giza pyramids, Sakkara pyramids, the Egyptian museum, Coptic Cairo, & Khan El-khalili bazaar are just some of the highlights featured in this

  • Egypt Has It All -14 days Tours

    cairo museum rahotep nofret

    Egypt has it all from the Classical tours to the desert Oases trips & safari. This package covers all these tours In 14 days. You will do Cairo, Aswan, Nile cruise, and

  • Fun Down The Nile

    Aswan nubian houses nile

    After a Cairo start at the pyramids, a trip down the Nile from Aswan to Luxor is an experience of a life time. Taste the African life in Aswan , and then start your river trip to the heart of Egypt to

  • Cairo Tours & Excursions

    Moski street khan elkhaliliA special tour package of 5 days/4 nights in Cairo icludes the first day of arrival, and the last day of departure with pick up & drop-off in the Cairo airport. All the main and the top attractions of Cairo; Giza pyramids, Sakkara pyramids, Memphis, Cairo museum, citadel of

  • The Gift of the Nile

    luxor temple night pillars

    Take This luxury program and see the amazing sights of Cairo, Alexandria, and Upper Egypt spots of attractions along the Nile river valley. The pyramids, Cairo

  • Egypt Itinerary: 17 Days/ 16 Nights

    pyramids panoramic view

    Royal Golf | 10 days / 9 nights Egypt Tour

    pyramids of giza golf course

    Whether you play Golf as a professional, or Golf is being listed in your list of Dreams and things you would like to learn or even try once in lifetime, Golf is practiced in Egypt in the conditions of Pharaohs by tourist. With Egypt FunTours you can jump into the picture playing Golf with the pyramids of Giza, or in Luxor with the shadow of karnak temples,



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