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Egypt Day Tours

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Egypt day tours and Excursions include Egypt sightseeing tours, Cairo day trips, Luxor excursions tours, Aswan sightseeing tours, Hurghada activities and tours, Sharm El Sheikh things to do, Dahab excursions, El Minya sightseeing tours, and El Fayoum oasis trips.

  • Layover Tour To Pyramids, Sphinx, And Sakkara

    giza 5 pyramidsCairo airport layover tour to pyramids, Sphinx, and Sakkara. See the Great pyramid, the Sphinx, and the Step pyramid in your Cairo layover tour. From Cairo airport to the pyramids, Sphinx, and Sakkara museum and pyramids.

    Full Day Trip To Wadi El-Hitan

    wadi elhitan trips

    In 1902, the world celebrated another great discovery that comes the second in importance after king Tut's in 1922, it is completely different though, as it is a world's heritage site like the valley of the kings, the Pharaohs had no clue how to find such place..It is the Whales valley in the Western Egyptian

  • 7 Days Cairo Based Tours

    Giza queen pyramidThe fact that you can visit many classical Egypt cities from Cairo by car is amazing. You can just fly to Cairo to see the large city with all the fascinating iconic sites it has to offer, and then make over-days to the surrounding cities like Alexandria, Fayyoum oasis, and even go to camp for an outstanding overnight in the White desert and do the unforgettable desert safari. This

  • Full Day Tour to Pyramids, Sphinx, museum, and Islamic Cairo

    Gamalyya old fatimid cairoFull day tour to Cairo attractions, Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo museum, down town, and Khan El-khalili large tourist bazaar with an amazing walking tour in the ancient Islamic medieval part of Cairo AlQahira. Get to taste the Egyptian food at a local restaurant (where the locals eat), it is safe, clean,

  • Two Days Trip to Pyramids, Museum & Islamic Cairo

    ramses two memphisTwo days tours from Sokhna Port to Cairo sightseeingto explore Cairo’s monuments of Memphis, Sakkara Pyramid, Giza Pyramids & the giant Sphinx. You will visit Valley temple & explore the Egyptian

  • Day Trip to Cairo & Pyramids from Port Sokhna

    giza pyramids note3

    This full day tours to Cairo excursions from Port Sokhna Egypt is one of the best choices for your Egypt experience from the Red Sea. Take this option to visit Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, and Egyptian Museum. Do tours to Cairo down town and smell the local

  • Pyramids & Cairo Tour from Alexandria Port

    camel pyramid

    From Alexandria Port drive to Cairo with our guide where you will visit the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx, the Step Pyramid at Sakkara, the Egyptian Museum, and the Cairo Citadel with Muhammad Ali’s Alabaster Mosque. Return to your ship in Alexandria in the evening.

    Pyramids, Sphinx & Cairo Tour from Alexandria Port

    camelpyramidsExcursions to Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, & Step Pyramid. Explore the Alabaster mosque of Mohamed Ali, Citadel of Saladdin, and the Egyptian Museum with the royal mummies and the treasures of king Tut.

    Trip duration: 2 Days / 1 night


  • 10 Days Desert Adventure:

    new white desert

    Would you like to add a little spice to your Egypt trip?...An Egypt trip with Khaled Afifi is so delicious and tasty that the one loses the ability to forget how much fun it was with this Expert Egypt Tour Guide. He takes you in this trip to the northern coast, and then on to Siwa oasis, Bahariyya oasis, and

  • Pearl of the Mediterranean

    Alexandria pillar

    Alexandria:Location: This is the Shining pearl of the Mediterranean Sea known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean". The most important City in Egypt after Cairo (called the second capital) and one of the most

  • Cairo Treasures By Khaled Afifi

    alabaster mosqueEver wanted to see the treasures of Cairo?...Wish to see the Golden stuff of the boy king Tut?....No need to worry, just contact us to book this stunning day tour to see Cairo national museum, The famous citadel of Cairo built by the leader Salah El-din, and finish your day with a well-worth cup of Egyptian tea at El-fishawy coffee shop at the heart

  • Cairo Highlights By Khaled Afifi

    khaled afifi hookah

    This trip covers the highlights of the pyramids area specially those famous iconic sites from the old ancient Egyptian kingdom.Good to know that the three very-well-known sites lie on the western bank of the Nile at Giza. Book this trip to enjoy visiting Giza pyramids, Saqqara Pyramids & tombs, and

  • Egypt Unveiled: Sakkara and Giza Plateau

    solar boat cheopsEgypt, the land of the Pharaohs. In this day we drive to explore Sakkara, the vast necropolis of hundreds of tombs and 14 pyramids, including the famous Step Pyramid built by Zoser I in 2700 BC. After lunch (Optional), travel to the Giza Plateau, site of the Pyramids of Mycerinus, Chefren and the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the only survivor of the Seven

  • Sound And Light Show At Karnak Temples

    karnakThe sound and light show at karnak temples is very unique as the place used to be the largest holy complex in the ancient world!! Imagine walking in the great hypostyle hall of King Ramses or standing beside the huge obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut while listenning to the stories of ancient Egypt. The door to the sound and light show at karnak opens every night for three times for three different

  • Day Trip To Cairo & Giza From Hurghada By Air

    day tour ToGiza from hurghada

    Cairo tours and excursions from Hurghada by flight. Visit the great Giza pyramids, Cairo Museum, Coptic Cairo and Khan El Khalili bazaar and Souq. Awesome day trip to Cairo and Giza from Hurghada by plane.

  • Day Tour To Alexandria Attractions From Cairo.

    under water alexandria

    Take a fascinating private Day tour to Alexandria Attractions from Cairo. With an expert private guide Egyptologist, see the main breathtaking sites of the second largest city of Egypt: the catacombs, Pompay's pillar, the roman amphitheater, and the great

  • Day Trip To Giza Pyramids & Sakkara From Alexandria Port

    camels giza pyramidsShore excursions, ship tours and day trips to Cairo from Alexandria Port to Giza Pyramids. Egypt from vessels, cruise ships arriving Alexandria where you will get excited by a visit to Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and

    Cairo Excursions From Alexandria Port

    Sphinx giza pyramidsGet your eyes open by a Funtastic Shore excursion and sightseeing to Cairo from Alexandria port. Enjoy the sight of the Giza Pyramids with Cheops, Chephren, Mykerinus and Great Sphinx. Then proceed to the Egyptian Museum which features artifacts from the Pharaonic period with the very well known collection of the boy king Tut-ankh-amoun.

  • Day Tours & Trips To Minya From Cairo


    Minya is in middle Egypt, it is 380 k.m south of Cairo titled as the bride of upper Egypt. It used to be the capital city of Egypt at the time of King Akhenaton 1353 B.C with his famous wife Queen Nefertiti. The place is full of ancient sites such as the tombs of Beni Hassan, Tel el-Amarna, and tuna El-gabal

  • Day Trips To Wadi El-Natroun

    natroun monastery

    From Cairo you can join an unforgettable trip to Wadi El-Natrun which is 100 k.m north west of Cairo. it is reachable via Cairo-Alexandria desert road. We will arrange your private full day trip to Wadi El-Natrun from Cairo.In this private tour you will



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