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Egypt vacations

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Spend you vacation with us. Book Egypt vacations and spend your time exploring ancient Egypt, see the ancient temples, pyramids, tombs, and museums. Friendly local people visits are included in these tour packages.

  • Royal Golf | 10 days / 9 nights Egypt Tour

    pyramids of giza golf course

    Whether you play Golf as a professional, or Golf is being listed in your list of Dreams and things you would like to learn or even try once in lifetime, Golf is practiced in Egypt in the conditions of Pharaohs by tourist. With Egypt FunTours you can jump into the picture playing Golf with the pyramids of Giza, or in Luxor with the shadow of karnak temples,

  • A private Nile Adventure

    Felucca AswanNo world traveler can call their journey complete until they've stood in the shadows of the ancient wonders of Egypt. With a senior Egyptologist as our guide, we'll explore the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Temple of Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. If the Kingdom of ancient Egypt has long been your dream, then this wide-ranging cultural immersion into

  • The Taste Of Egypt

    corn egyptThis is the best holiday of Egypt tours. Enjoy blending with the locals and doing all your activities as you used todo like home. See Egypt, the land of mythic magic that

  • Two Weeks Egypt Adventure

    cairo museum sphinxTwo Weeks Adventure"Egypt's legend" is extreme fun and knowledge! spotting all the must-see attractions and doing off-tracks adventures. A perfect trip for those who live in the states, Japan, Canada, Australia, New

  • Luxor, Western Desert, Cairo 5 Days / 4 Nights

    desert fox

    Enjoy the natural life among the wild animals and the nice birds. Sleep under the endless stars and romantic views. You would feel that you are completely surrounded by the environment. You will see many different types of sand and rocks, formations,

  • Half Day Walking Tour In Cairo

    cairo walking tour antiques

    Our guide will pick you up from the hotel and Drive to the Bab Zwayla ancient gate of Cairo. From Bab Zwayla you will start your walking tour with the guide, just outside the gate you will get to see Al-Saleh Talai'a mosque, and then a chance to climb the stairs of the Bab Zwayla leading up to the roof to see the wonderful view of the Minarets

  • 7 Nights Nile cruise EX Luxor.

    ptolemy Isis Osirus Looking for relaxation, cannot find enough time for inspiration even in vacations, want to explore and enjoy the sightseeing of Upper Egypt with no rush, and more ever want to

  • 4 Nights Nile cruise EX Luxor.

    nile cruise LuxorStay on a Nile cruise for 4 nights navigating from the present to the past at the lands of the Pharaohs, discover the magic of the longest river in the world, and Capture the unrepeated scenery of the immortal river with one black fertile bank, and another yellowish desert bank. In this trip you see the ancient sites of Luxor, Aswan,

  • 3 Nights Nile cruise EX Aswan.

    miss Isadora cruiseLooking for relaxation and a real vacation, seeing new places, resting as much to get the most out of your holiday,  a great experience is waiting for you on board of our

  • Photographer Tours

    corn cairoYou always suffered taking the photos you want in guided group tours. Egypt Fun Tours offers packages specially tailored for photographers to provide them with the required time, permissions, and facilities to enable them to capture wonderful photos in the right place at the right time of the day.

  • Walking Tours


    Cairo walking tours

    Many people find it more fun to walk rather than being inside a vehicle, Walking in a foreign country is even much more fun as you will be inside the frame not just watching it, for this kind of tours we hired a full team of professional local guides to help us achieving our endless ideas of walking tours in

  • Medical Tours In Egypt

    kom ombo temple surgical instrumentsCosmetic surgery, eye surgery, kidney dialysis, open heart surgery, pediatric heart surgery, bone marrow transplants, hip and knee replacement, organ transplantation and dental treatments are among the major health problems that attract the patients from developed nations towards Egypt for the very competitive package

  • Diving In The Red Sea

    divingEgypt fun tours is very proud to present its own crew of divers fully equipped with all kind of facilities and experience for your comfort and joy, We are waiting for you in Egypt to explore together the wonders of the Red sea from the far southern part, down to the deepest northern point. All is available also for beginners.

    We have Diving tours for you in:

  • Native Egypt Tours

    coffee seats cairoWith Egypt Fun Tours, Feel Egyptian. we insert real Egyptian local places for you to see while touring Egypt, Now with us you can tour the touristic places, and the non touristic ones as well, we will let you try the touristic Egyptian food in tourist



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