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One Full Day Egypt Tours


One full day Egypt tours lets you pick places to see in Egypt in one full day. Have an extra day or two in Egypt, choose your trip of interest from below list.

  • Full Day Trip To Wadi El-Hitan

    wadi elhitan trips

    In 1902, the world celebrated another great discovery that comes the second in importance after king Tut's in 1922, it is completely different though, as it is a world's heritage site like the valley of the kings, the Pharaohs had no clue how to find such place..It is the Whales valley in the Western Egyptian

  • Full Day Tour to Pyramids, Sphinx, museum, and Islamic Cairo

    Gamalyya old fatimid cairoFull day tour to Cairo attractions, Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo museum, down town, and Khan El-khalili large tourist bazaar with an amazing walking tour in the ancient Islamic medieval part of Cairo AlQahira. Get to taste the Egyptian food at a local restaurant (where the locals eat), it is safe, clean,

  • Day Trip to Cairo & Pyramids from Port Sokhna

    giza pyramids note3

    This full day tours to Cairo excursions from Port Sokhna Egypt is one of the best choices for your Egypt experience from the Red Sea. Take this option to visit Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, and Egyptian Museum. Do tours to Cairo down town and smell the local

  • Cairo Treasures By Khaled Afifi

    alabaster mosqueEver wanted to see the treasures of Cairo?...Wish to see the Golden stuff of the boy king Tut?....No need to worry, just contact us to book this stunning day tour to see Cairo national museum, The famous citadel of Cairo built by the leader Salah El-din, and finish your day with a well-worth cup of Egyptian tea at El-fishawy coffee shop at the heart

  • Full Day Trip To Alexandria

    pearl of mediteranean AlexandriaTake a fascinating private Day tour to Alexandria Attractions from Cairo. With an expert private guide Egyptologist, see the main breathtaking sites of the second largest city of Egypt: the catacombs, Pompay's pillar, the roman amphitheater, and the great library of Alexandria.

  • Full Day Cairo To Wadi Natrun

    Coptic Frescos from the Wadi Natrun monastery side

    Full day trip from Cairo to Wadi El-Natroon to visit the early Christian monasteries of Egypt. The very first Christian monasteries were born in Egypt in wadi Natrun, where once over 50 monasteries were standing there!! In this

  • Full Day Trip From Cairo To Fayyoum Oasis.

    dynamic water wheels egyptFull day trip from Cairo to Fayyoum oasis to see Qarun lake, The dynamic water wheels, Ain Selieen natural water spring, and the water falls of wadi El-Rayyan, all along with the large gardens of Fayoum.


    Egypt Fun Tours Egyptologist tour guide will pick you up from your

  • Full Day Cairo Transit Tour

    Cairo museum priest


  • AN ADVENTURE TO WADI EL-HITAN: 2 days and 1 night

    adventure to wadi elhitan

    Have you ever tried sleeping on an ocean's bed?...With Egypt Fun you will do at Wadi El-Hitan on the floor of the ancient Tethys Sea that covered

  • Full Day Tour: Pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo Museum, & Islamic Cairo

    cairo museum

    Cairo day tour to Giza Pyramids, National Museum of Cairo and regular things to see. Visit Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo museum as the most famous tourist attractions of Cairo, as well as Islamic Cairo area with a visit to the tourist large bazaar at Khan Elkhalili.

    Starting From:

    Full Day Tours To Luxor Sightseeing

    full day tours luxorLuxor is the largest ancient city of Egypt with over 33 percent of the world's heritage. However, the must-see attractions can be toured in just one full day. Either with the sleeper train or by planes, to make it in one single day you need to be their in Luxor by

  • Full Day Walking Tour In Cairo

    full day walking tour islamic cairoDo not leave Cairo without doing this trip, a must-do walking tour, very unique, starts with the Citadel of Saladin, and the mosque of Mohamed Ali, then a visit to the mosques of Sultan Hassan and Refaee. Then

  • Half Day Walking Tour In Cairo

    cairo walking tour antiques

    Our guide will pick you up from the hotel and Drive to the Bab Zwayla ancient gate of Cairo. From Bab Zwayla you will start your walking tour with the guide, just outside the gate you will get to see Al-Saleh Talai'a mosque, and then a chance to climb the stairs of the Bab Zwayla leading up to the roof to see the wonderful view of the Minarets

  • Full Day Trip From Sharm El-sheikh To Cairo

    Cairo from sharm pyramids

    Full Day Tour from Sharm El-sheikh to Cairo to see the amazing wonders of the ancient city. Take an early domestic flight from Sharm El-sheikh to Cairo and see Giza pyramids, Saqqara attractions, Memphis the oldest capital city of ancient Egypt, Cairo museum, and Khan El-khalili tourist bazaar. Fly

  • Full Day Tour: Pyramids area

    giza pyramids paved roadPyramids area day tour. Full day tour to the pyramids area to see the only remaining wonder from the ancient world. Visit Sakkara & the museum of Imhotep, visit the famous Mastabas at Sakkara. Enjoy a local country side lunch in the middle of the green vast farms of Sakkara, and then proceed to see Giza pyramids, Giza pyramids with the

  • Full Day Pyramids Tour: Giza, Sakkara, & Memphis

    pyramids area day tour

    Pyramids area day tour. Full day tour to the pyramids area to see the only remaining wonder from the ancient world. Visit Sakkara & the museum of

  • Walking Tours


    Cairo walking tours

    Many people find it more fun to walk rather than being inside a vehicle, Walking in a foreign country is even much more fun as you will be inside the frame not just watching it, for this kind of tours we hired a full team of professional local guides to help us achieving our endless ideas of walking tours in



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