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The Egyptian monuments

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The ancient Egyptian monuments from the beginning of Pharaonic civilization. Find information about all the Egyptian monuments in all the classical Egyptian cities like Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, and Aswan.

  • Unfinished Obelisk

    unfinished obelisk aswanThe unfinished obelisk in Aswan is a must see attraction, it is located just in the heart of one of the old reddish granite quarries that the ancient Egyptian used to cut stone and make obelisks from. The site itself is a breathtaking spot because of the ancient marks of cutting stones and the chance it gives to your imagination to relive the

  • Grand Egyptian Museum

    grand egyptian museumThe New Grand Egyptian Museum is situated aproximately 2 k.m from Giza pyaramids, also known as the Giza museum, and is part of the Giza plateau new project. It is expected to open in 2015.

    The museum is built on 120 acres and is described to be the

  • The Egyptian Scarab (Dung Beetles)

    Egyptian Scarab with Spread WingsYou can’t visit Egypt without seeing the scarabs souvenirs sold everywhere. The beetle is depicted all over the tombs and the ancient temples. It symbolized the good luck in ancient times, also used to be one of the images of the sun god Ra by the ancient

  • Ain and Fortress of Um Dabadib

    we will Cross the Desert Borders of El KHARGA the biggest Oasis of Egypt ,Crossing the Last Segments of ( GHARD ABOU EL MUHARAQ) and Finally Reach the Abandoned Ancient Roman Fortress ( UM EL DABADEB) ,The Fortress that was Established to Protect the Camel Caravan Routes coming From The Sudan Borders on the most Famous, Darb El Arbein, ( 40 days camel caravan Route ) Between Sudan & Egypt.

    *We will Sail Deeper South west

  • Qasr Kharga

    Qasr El GhueitaIs the main town of Kharga and contains very little original architecture. There is the Mabrouk Fountain carved by local artist Mabrouk and a thriving souk. The souk is a good place to buy articles actually used by the local inhabitants. On the main street in Qasr Kharga is the

  • Dush temple and Fortress

    Dush temple egyptDush at about 100km from the city of Kharga is an ancient sand stone temple and a Roman fortress. The sandstone temple, dedicated to Osiris and Isis, butts onto the side of the fortress, within its outer walls and was probably built by the Emperor Domitian, with further additions and decoration by

  • Necropolis of Bagawat

    This "City of the Dead" built into the hillside north of Kharga provides a remarkable insight into Egyptian Christianity in the 4C-10C. The huge necropolis includes 260 funerary chapels built from unfired bricks. Some of the chapels have retained their fine painted decors, such as the Chapel of Peace (n° 80) and Chapel of the Exodus (n° 30), the oldest, whose frescoes depict scenes from the Old

  • Temple of Hibis

    Hibis Temple khargaThe Temple of Hibis is the largest and most well preserved temple in the Kharga Oasis, it was excavated early during the 20th century. It is also the finest temple from the Persian period. Hibis is the finest example of an ancient Egyptian temple from the Persian Period.

  • Temple of Alexander At Bahariya

    Alexander templeTemple of Alexander is about 5 km east of Bawiti, near the Valley of the Golden Mummies. It was built after Alexander the Great visited Bahariya in 332 BC on his way to consult the Oracle of Amoun in Siwa, or most probably after Alexander has recieved his oracle at Siwa which made him the king of

  • Ain El-Moftella Temple At Bahariya Oasis

    d4fcf templo ain el muftellaAin El-Muftella temple is in a bad condition if compared to the ancient temples at Luxor. The temple is situated 3 k.m west of Bawiti town, was built  during the reigns of kings Apries in the 26th Dynasty and Ahmose II. The entirly sandstone temple has four ruined

  • Sites Of Medieval Cairo

    Moez street CairoThere are 651 buildings from Medieval Cairo listed in the index produced by the Survey of Egypt in 1951 including mosques, Madrasas, mausoleums, Khanqahs, Khans, Wikalas and private homes. Today it is estimated that some 450 still remain and it is probable that Cairo has more medieval

  • Qasr Salim At Bahariya Oasis

    Qasr slim bahariyyaThe site of the ancient tombs of the dynasty 26 at Bahariya is known as Qasr Salim, it is a small hill in Bawiti contains 2 tombs from the 26th Dynasty.

    The Tomb Of Banentiu:

    A wealthy merchant,

  • Cleopatra's Pool At Siwa

    Cleopatra pool siwa

    Cleopatra's pool at Siwa has nothing to do with the very well known Queen Cleopatra VII! the name makes it sound like an historical place, but there is no reason to believe that Cleopatra had anything to do with it.

  • Alexander Oracle Temple Of Amoun At Siwa Oasis

    Alexander's oracle temple of Amoun is the most important remaining temple at Siwa. At first we should talk about Alexander the great and his plan on how to invade such a glorious and solid nation like ancient Egypt. In 331 B.C when Alexander Came to Egypt, he did not spend much effort about how to defeat the Persians who took over the power few years earlier, he focused on the Egyptian people and knew they are the key to the great empire not the

  • The Ancient Fortress Of Shali At Siwa

    The remains of Shali are dating back to the early 13th century, and was in use until 1926 when it rained straight for 3 days destroyed the fortress and left the settlement roofless. the nature of the building was weak as the material used was kershef which is a mixture of salt and clay.

    Shali have risen 60 metres above the ground level of the oasis which is already a depression of -19 m. It was built above and around a little

  • Hanging Church (al Muallaqa)

    coptic cairo hanging churchThis church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is known as the “Hanging’ Church because it rests on the two southwestern bastions of the old Roman fortress of Babylon. Its nave extends over the portal that led into the ancient fortress. Some parts of the original church still

  • Kheper - The Scarab At Karnak Temples

    Egyptian Scarab with Spread WingsThe scarabs were sacred figures in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed in the Scarabaeidae family dung

  • Gayer Anderson Museum

    Gayer anderson museum cairoBayt al-kritliyya is one of the most beautiful and interesting specimens of the 17th century Arab domestic architecture left in Cairo and provides an ideal setting for the furniture, carpets and objects that date back to the ancient Egyptian period, Coptic and Islamic era. It

  • The Ramesseum Temple

    Ramesseum temple luxorThe Ramesseum is one of the temples of the Nile's west bank at Luxor. Visitors drive by this temple when they are going from the valley of the Kings and Hatshepseut's temple to the colossi of Memnon. Ramses II built the Temple of the Ramesseum as a funerary Temple in 1304-1207 B.C, and it was dedicated

  • The Temple Of Luxor

    Luxor temple luxorLuxor temple is one of the most beautiful temples from ancient Egypt. The temple was started by King Amenhotep III from the dynasty 18. However, it is believed by some archeologists that the oldest part of the temple dates back to the time of king Mentohotep the founder of the Middle kingdom. It seems that the ancient kings followed a



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