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The Egyptian monuments

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The ancient Egyptian monuments from the beginning of Pharaonic civilization. Find information about all the Egyptian monuments in all the classical Egyptian cities like Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, and Aswan.

  • Sakkara Pyramids (Djoser's Complex)

    step pyramid sakkaraSakkara is the largest ancient site in Egypt, was one the cemeteries of Memphis together with Dahshur, Abu Rawash, Abu Sir, and Giza. It accommodates the step pyramid of King Djoser with his complex, some other pyramids from the 5th and the 6th dynasties, and

  • Cairo Museum

  • The Pyramids Of Dahshur

    dahshur bent pyramidPharaoh Sneferu (Snofru or Snefru) (ruled 2613-2589 BCE) built three large Pyramids and perhaps two smaller ones. His Pyramids total nearly 5 million cubic yards (over 3 1/2 million cubic meters) of cut and dressed stone. The principal building

  • Giza Pyramids

    tHREE PYRAMIDS GIZAThe plateau accommodates nowadays 9 pyramids, the biggest among them is the pyramid of King Cheops, also called the great pyramid of Egypt. In this area you can see two other pyramids, those of King Kephren, and King Mecarinoos.

  • The Egyptian Museum

    EGYPTIAN MUSEUMThe National museum of Antiquities, The Egyptian museum, and Cairo museum are all names for the same museum located in central Cairo in Tahrir square (Independence square) , and houses the magnificent collection of king Tutankhamen.

    Kom Ombo Temple

    kom ombo temple aswanKom Ombo Is situated on the banks of the Nile some 23 miles north of Aswan, and is unusual in that it is dedicated to two gods, Horus & Sobek. Sobek was the crocodile god of Nile fertility, and the bend of the river here was once hom e to a large number of Nile crocodiles, which were held to be sacred. Indeed, there is a small collection of mummified



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