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cairo museum

Cairo day tour to Giza Pyramids, National Museum of Cairo and regular things to see. Visit Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo museum as the most famous tourist attractions of Cairo, as well as Islamic Cairo area with a visit to the tourist large bazaar at Khan Elkhalili.

Starting From: $55. Trip duration: 10 hours. Trip type: Private Guided Tour. Trip runs: Everyday.




Pick you up from your hotel/address/station/airport. Start our tour to Giza Pyramids to see Khufu pyramid, Chephren pyramid, Mykarinus pyramid, Queens pyramids, Funeral ancient temples, nobles tombs, and the Sphinx. Lunch. After lunch, continue our tours to Cairo National museum to see the collection of king Tutankhamun, the Golden treasures of the boy king, the animal mummies from ancient Egypt, as well as more than 120000 pieces from ancient Egypt. Proceed to Islamic Medieval Cairo to see the old mosques, houses, schools, and complexs. Continue to the large tourist bazaar at Khan El-khalili. transfer you back to the hotel/address/station,..etc.


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