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Tour the city and enjoy the old part of medieval Cairo during your layover. Attend the sound and light show at the Giza great pyramids site when you arrive Cairo in the afternoon.


medieval Cairo The sound and light show at the pyramids is a good show with history nerration and music, as well as lazer to show paintings from the Cairo national museum, the golden collection of king Tut. All this with sound effects take you back in history to ancient Egypt.

Our guide will pick you up at Cairo airport and start the tour with you to go first to Giza pyramids for the sound and light show, and then proceed to old Cairo to see the Islamic area with the ancient streets of AlQahira and the Fatimids houses and mosques with an amazing walking tour in the heart of old down town and the large tourist bazaar of Khan Elkhalili, finish your tour with a well-worth cup of tea at Elfishawy coffee shop before heading back to the airport.


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