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full day walking tour islamic cairoDo not leave Cairo without doing this trip, a must-do walking tour, very unique, starts with the Citadel of Saladin, and the mosque of Mohamed Ali, then a visit to the mosques of Sultan Hassan and Refaee. Then continue walking from refaee mosque to the street of Bab El-Wazir which will take you to Bad Zwaila and then to the center of Islamic medieval Cairo "Khan El-Khalili". finish the day in the outstanding atmosphere of medieval Cairo with the illuminated shops of the bazaar!!


Pick you up from your hotel, and drive to the Citadel of Saladin. See the Citadel of Saladin and the mosque of Mohamed Ali. Drive to the Mosques of Sultan Hassan and Refaee. See the mosques of Refaee and Sultan Hassan. Drive to Bab El-Wazir. Start our walking tour with the guide. Walk from Bab El-Wazir to Bab Zowayla with stops to see the mosques and the ancient Islamic architicture. Walk from Bab Zowayla to the Ghori complex. Walk in Al-moez Ledin Ellah to the Bab El-Futuh. Walk back to Khan El-Khalili for your free time.


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