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catherine deiricci

From Cairo you can do an unforgettable trip to Saint Catherine, climb mount Sinai and see the Monastery. As the distance between Cairo and St. Catherine's village takes from 6 to 7 hours by bus, it can not be done in a full day, we provide an overnight trip to St. Catherine, the itinerary is designed to get the most use of the two days making it will worth with the adventure of climbing mount Sinai, and the visit to St. Catherine's monastery.

When you advise your address, hotel, etc., you can also decide the pick up time as it can be early in the morning or in the afternoon. When you arrive in St. Catherine, the private guide will help with your check in process, get your room, and then dinner which is included within the package. The guide will let you some time to get rest, and tell you about the pick up time to start your adventure to mount Sinai and see sunrise from above the clouds!!



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