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09 Apr 2010 19:44 - 16 Jul 2014 01:50 #1 by funadmin1
funadmin1 created the topic: Egypt Travel Tips
Visa requirements:

For most nationalities, Visa can be purchased upon arrival at the Egyptian Airports for $25 USD for a period of one month , what you should do on arrival is to go to the bank, buy two stamps to place them in your passport before going through customs. We normally arrange for an assist service to help with the Visa process.

Passport registration:

It is a must to register your passport while in Egypt during the first week, but no worries as it is normally done by your hotel within your first 24 hours of staying.


The Egyptian official currency is the Egyptian pound (“EGP” stands for Egyptian pound, or “LE” stands for the French term” Livre Egyptien”.1 EGP is 100 piaster.

It is not recommended to exchange your money in a bank at the airport as the rates are slightly lower than it is in the city banks.

Bear in mind to carry some one dollar bills as they proved very useful almost everywhere in Egypt.


Banks are closed on Fridays and Saturdays, except they are open for five days from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Credit cards:

Can be used in the major cities almost everywhere, and they are accepted in most of the shops and in all the hotels, the only exception can be with American Express as it is not accepted on the payment of the Nile cruises In Egypt in case of having any extra char

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25 Mar 2014 04:30 #519 by Angela
Angela replied the topic: Egypt Travel Tips

You have a nice post. Thank you for taking the time to post a valuable post. Egypt is a very beautiful country. It is also one of the top most tourist destinations of the world. I also visited all places in Egypt. I think it is the great place for traveling compare to other places. If you want to know more my experience then please check these out: .

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15 Jul 2014 07:11 #538 by LaylaWalidah
LaylaWalidah replied the topic: Egypt Travel Tips
Egypt is a very attractive place to visit and spend holidays also to know more interesting things about the beauty of this place like worlds longest river Nile river, mummies and pyramids. ( ) Each person should visit Egypt once in a lifetime. Last year in December I went there really its a very beautiful place.

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