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Safety & Security update

18 Dec 2015 00:47 - 18 Dec 2015 00:48 #1275 by funadmin1
funadmin1 created the topic: Safety & Security update
Now everybody understands the situation, some 150 people were recently killed in France, that does not mean Egypt is not safe, it simply means France is not safe!
when Russian innocents died in a plane in Sinai taking off from Sharm Elshaikh airport, it also means there is some trouble going on between Russia and Turkey and that the plane came from turkey to Egypt before leaving the airport of Sharm, and all this mass means Cairo is safe, Luxor and Aswan, Alexandria and the northern coast, all are safe. It is safe to travel Egypt at the moment. do not hesitate to come to see Egypt. Do not waste your time watching news and media. Egypt is safe.

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
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