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Short Cairo Break

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26 Oct 2012 16:34 #227 by inipheddecups
inipheddecups created the topic: Short Cairo Break
I am going to have a short break in Cairo in December, my first time in the country, and I have a few questions.

First question is what are the options for transport from the Cairo airport to the pyramids area in Giza? Fastest/safest/cheapest?

My second question is what would be something that I can plan on doing at night after I check into my hotel? Is it feasible to drive back into Cairo just for dinner on the Nile? What other options are there?

My final question is about the second day. I have a full day on the 14th before leaving early on the 15th. I plan on being up early to see the pyramids around 8-9 o clock. From the estimates I have read, I should have seen the whole area by around noon. What would be some suggested activities for the rest of the day/night? Are there any can't miss things thatI should see that would be doable with just the afternoon/evening available?


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