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Cairo Airport, ATM's and Changing Money

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26 Oct 2012 23:45 #234 by Sollapeno
Sollapeno created the topic: Cairo Airport, ATM's and Changing Money
I'm going to be arriving into Cairo airport in about two weeks time (the countdown is on!)

Although I'm going to make sure that I have some small denomination Euros with me, where is the first place in the airport that you can change money or get some from an ATM?

Is this before or after you are going to get people wanting to carry bags etc and wanting tips?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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27 Oct 2012 01:29 #235 by funadmin1
funadmin1 replied the topic: Re: Cairo Airport, ATM's and Changing Money
Most probablly before, anyways, you won't need to tip "people". If you tip anyway, it will be just one person. If you need somebody to help you with the luggage hire any of the porters who are all in the Airport Uniform. A tip of 5-10 LE, or 1 or 2 EUROs will make them more than happy. If you will carry your stuff yourself, which I always do, don't allow anybody to help you and don't tip anybody. If you are arriving at T2 and will use the car park bus, do not tip the porters on the bus. They are hired by the airport to serve all passengers for free.

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