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Pick up from Cairo/Giza hotel at 5 am. Tour Saqqara pyramids, Step pyramid complex, Imhotep museum, Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis ancient capital city, Egyptian museum, and tourist bazaar at Khan Elkhalili. Transfer back to Cairo/Giza hotel and drop off.

One of Egypt traveler's questions is: What are the places I can see in one single day in Cairo?...This Cairo full day tour gives an answer considering how busy is that huge city, the heaviness of traffic, and how the sites of attraction are extended and not so close to each other.

What's Featured:

  1. The pyramids of Giza (Nine pyramids from the 4th dynasty, remains of the funeral temple of king Cheops, and the valley temple of king Kephren).

  2. The Great Sphinx

  3. Saqqara (the step Mastaba pyramid of king Djoser, the tombs of the nobles of the old kingdom).

  4. Imhotep museum

  5. Memphis the very first capital city of ancient Egypt.

  6. The Alabaster Sphinx

  7. Cairo museum : exploring more than 120000 pieces from ancient Egypt, and the treasures of king Tutankhamun.

  8. Khan El-khalili bazaar

  9. Islamic Cairo
Duration: 12hours
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