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Fayyoum oasis is 100 k.m south west of Cairo, it takes about an hour & 15 minutes to go to Fayyoum oasis from Cairo. If you are based in Cairo and plannig some day trips to the close-by destinations, a visit to Fayyoum oasis is well worth! Fayyoum oasis is the garden of Egypt, most of the Egyptian fruits are grown in Fayyoum irrigated from the Nile through Bahr Youssef "Josef's canal" a wide rich branch from the river Nile. In fayyoum, there are two lakes; Qarun lake is resulted from being in a depression with a lower level, and another much smaller lake resulted from the pure water of Youssef's canal from the river Nile. Both form a breathtaking water fall at Wadi El-Rayyan where the pure water comes from a higher level to meet with the water of Qarun lake!!

As it takes just one hour to go to fayyoum, and as it is considered a day for relaxation, we always start this day trip not as early as any other day trip, it normally starts at 8:00 or 8:30 am after taking breakfast at the hotel in Cairo, and some people prefer to get their breakfast in Fayyoum down town when they get there.

In a Full day trip to Fayyoum oasis from Cairo the one can see the famous water wheels of Fayyoum from the Greco Roman time, the natural water springs of Ain Selieen, the fruit gardens, and lake Qarun with Wadi El-Rayyan water falls.

We organize a wonderful day trip to fayyoum from Cairo, Just contact us for detailed proposal itineraries and prices.


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