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Pick you up from the hotel/address in Cairo, transfer to the Bab Zwayla ancient gate of Cairo. From Bab Zwayla you will start your walking tour with the guide, just outside the gate you will get to see Al-Saleh Talai'a mosque, and then a chance to climb the stairs of the Bab Zwayla leading up to the roof to see the wonderful view of the Minarets in Cairo, Next door is the unique mosque of Al-Moaied dating back to the 10Th century, a chance to see the mosque and take photos for its fountain in the middle of the open courtyard.

Walk in the middle of the cloth market that takes place in Ghori Street with photo opportunity of the shops selling clothes, pure cotton, and even some fruit sellers. Cross by an Egyptian restaurant serving Koshari (a famous Egyptian food of 2 different kinds of Pasta, rice, dark lintel, noodles, and onions).

A chance to get inside Ghori complex (his mosque, madrasa, and Wekala), Ghori complex is located in the Azhar street where you will see Al-Azhar mosque.

You will cross the street with our guide to see Al-Moez Ledin Ellah street with the magnificent Islamic architecture of the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries.

First opportunity is to see the Qalaoon complex from the Mamluki time while crossing the copper shops, the silver shops, and the gold shops...You will get to know a lot about the great ideas of the Islamic architecture, the minarets, the domes, the wooden fortified gates, and the Sabils built out of marbles and lime-stones.

See the ancient Islamic house of Souhaimi used to be the official accommodation of Al-Azhar university students with its rooms enough to accommodate 200 of them.

From Al-Moez Ledin Ellah Street it’s a walk from the Khan EL-khalili area to Bab El-futuh, the ancient gate of Cairo. Remember to prepare your camera for the wonderful photos you are going to take for the Qalaoon complex, the palace of Bishtack and the Souhaimi house.

Finish your tour, our local guide will be ready to help you with directions and information, you will find your way with the guide to Al-Fishawi Cafe in the heart of Khan El-Khalili where you will get some free time for shopping and final rest for a cup of tea on Al-Fishaway cafe, the oldest one in Cairo.

Duration: 5hours
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