Multi Day Tours

multidaytoursMulti-day package tours in Egypt. Guided tours with accommodation included to locations all over the country. The best way to experience Egypt.

Desert Safari tours and packages, Desert camping, White desert safari, Wadi Elhitan trips, Oasis adventures, and all Egypt Safari tour packages.

Classic Egypt tours to Egypt cities like Luxor classical tours, Aswan excursions, Cairo tours, Alexandria tours, & Nile cruise tours. Egypt Fun Tours offers quality Classical tours, and very special and unique off-the-beaten-track tour options that the one can only do with Egypt Fun Tours.

Maximum Egypt at minimum cost. YOLO tours for 18 to thirty something years old. Multi-day package tours to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexnadria and Red sea distinations.

Book Nile cruise accommodation and excursions, Nile cruise sightseeing tours of Luxor, Aswan, Kom Ombo and Edfu temples. 3 nights Nile cruise from Aswan, $ nights Nile cruise from Luxor, 7 nights Nile cruise, and Lake nasser cruises.

Nile Cruise accommodation and Excursions between Luxor and Aswan. Luxor sightseeing tours from Nile cruise, Aswan excursions, 3 nights Nile cruise from Aswan, 4 nights Nile cruise from Luxor, and all Luxor and Aswan sightseeing tours.

Lake Nasser cruises to see the temples of Nubia that were rescured ny UNISCO afte building the high dam.

Long accommodation stay on Nile cruises for 7 nights from Cairo to Aswan or fromLuxor to Aswan to Luxor or from Aswan to Luxor to Aswan with guided sightseeing tours.

Cairo short breakds and long weekends, Cairo guided tours including accommodation, Private tours to Cairo top attractions.

Multi-day guided tour packages including accommodation and Red sea distinations, Classical tour packages with Hurghada snorkeling, scopa diving, and boat trips.

Private Luxury classical multi-day package tours including accommodation to all the major cities of Egypt, top attractions, and all the must-sees.



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