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Pick up from Cairo airport, Cairo attraction tours, Aswan sightseeing tours, Nile cruise accommodation, Desert safari camping, and Alexandria sightseeing. Departure from Cairo airport.

Two Weeks Adventure"Egypt's legend" is extreme fun and knowledge! spotting all the must-see attractions and doing off-tracks adventures. A perfect trip for those who live in the states, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all the far countries, always thought of visiting Egypt, but it is too far and planning to a long visit, this one is for you.

Cairo, Aswan, Nile cruise, Luxor, Bahariyya-White desert, Cairo, Alexandria, Cairo


Day 1 (arrival): Arrival to Cairo airport, Egypt Fun Tours representative will assist you through passport control formalities, luggage identification & portage will greet you. From the airport you will be transferred by our private A/C car to your hotel. Check in your hotel and overnight in Cairo.

Day 2 (Pyramids tour): After breakfaststart our visit to The pyramids of Giza (the great pyramid of king cheops, the remains of the funeral temple of the same king, the pyramid  of king kephren, the pyramid of king Mekarynos, get inside one of the small pyramids, and see the Sphinx). Egyptian Lunch in a country side restaurant. Visit Thepyramids of Sakkara ( The visual presentation of Sakkara, the step pyramid of king Djoser-the very first pyramid, the museum of Imhotep, the tomb of a high official, the pyramid of king Titi, the pyramid of king Unas, and see the pyramids of Dahshur from a distance).

Visit Memphisthe very first capital city of Egypt (the statue of king Ramses the second-16 meters high, the alabaster sphinx of Queen Hatshepsut). Attend the sound and light show at Giza area (optional). Overnight at your hotel in Cairo.

Day 3 (Cairo city tour): After breakfast at your hotel; Start our tour to the Egyptian museum (more than 120,000 pieces from ancient Egypt, plus the amazing collection of King Tutankhamen from the 18th dynasty new kingdom, and the royal mummies). Visit Coptic Cairo (the church of saint sergius the very first church built in Egypt, the synagogue of Bn Izra, and the so called Hanging up church). Lunchin a tourist restaurant by the river Nile. Visit Islamic Cairo-the Citadel of Saladin, the alabaster mosque of Mohammed Ali, the Gawhara palace of Mohamed Ali, and the mosque of Amr Ibn El-aas the very first mosque built in Egypt. See Khan El-Khalili bazaar (where you can see Al-Azhar mosque, and the very unique Islamic ancient streets and complex). Transfer to the train station for your sleeper train to Aswan. Dinneron board of your sleeper train.

Day 4 (Aswan sightseeing & Felucca): Breakfaston board of your sleeper train. Arrive Aswan to start our visit to the High dam (was built in 1960 to control the annual flood of the Nile, and arrange agriculture process). Visit the Unfinished obelisk (a huge obelisk dating back to the 18th dynasty that was lift unfinished). Check in our hotel for Lunch (not included). After noon take a motor boat to the temple of Philae (was built by the Ptolomies dedicated to love goddess Isis). Take a felucca ride around elephantine Island sail past the Agha Khan mausoleum, and Kitchener’s Island. Back to your hotel.

Day 5 (Tour to Abu Simbel& Sail to Kom Ombo): Breakfast at your hotel. An early start for an optional tour to Abusimbel. Transfer to your Nile Cruise, check into Cruise for Lunch, after which you will sail towards Kom Ombo. Dinner on board of your cruise ship. Overnight on board.

Day 6 Sailing (comombo & Edfu): Breakfast on board of your cruise ship. Visit the unusual Greco Roman double temple of Kom Ombo (dedicated to two gods, the falcon god Harveris, and the crocodile god Sobek). Visit by a horse carriage to the temple of Edfu (dedicated to the falcon god Hours, and the second largest temple in Egypt. Lunch and Dinner on board of your cruise.

Day 7 (Luxor east): Breakfast on board of your cruise ship. Visit Luxor temple (was built by the kings of the middle and the new kingdom). Lunch on board of our cruise ship. After noon start our tour to visit the Karnak temples (the largest complex of temples in Egypt originally attached to Luxor temple by an avenue of sphinxes). Dinner on board of your cruise ship. Overnight on board.

Day 8 (Luxor West/Cairo): After breakfast, disembark your Nile cruise. An early morning start as you cross over to the West Bank of Luxor. You come from sun, sand and rugged mountainside you enter. The Valley of the Kings (home of 65 tombs of the kings of 18th to 22nd dynasties). The modern looking temple of Queen Hatshepsut (she ruled over Egypt for 19 years as a king). The colossi of Memnon (originally belong to king Amenhotep the 3rd). Transfer to the train station for your sleeper train to Cairo. Dinner on board of your sleeper train

Day 9 (Cairo): Breakfast on board of your sleeper train. Transfer to your hotel and check in


  1. The Paharaonic village
  2. The sound and light show at Giza
  3. Nile dinner cruise with a belly dancer and Tannouric show.
  4. Full Islamic tour to Medieval Cairo.

Day 10 (Cairo/Bahariyya-white desert): Breakfast at your hotel. An early start with our A/C van to the Bahariyya Oases to see: The tombs of the 26th dynasty, and the golden mummies. Dinner at your hotel in Bawiti (Bahariyya)

Day 11 (Bahariyya/White desert): After breakfast start your tour with the Jeep safari to the white desert to see: The English mountain, the black desert, the sand dunes, Lunch in El-Haiz. See the tents, flowers formations, the Crystal Mountain, and sunset in the White desert with the Mushroom formations.Dinner in the White desert cocked by the Bedouin guys.

Day 12 (White desert-Bahariyya/Cairo): Breakfast in the White desert. Start our trip back Bawiti, then to Cairo. Check in our hotel in Cairo. Overnight

Day 13 (Cairo/Alexandria): Breakfast at your Hotel in Cairo. Start our tour to Alexandria. Drive to the Montazah palace and Gardens (We will drive by the Bibliotheca of Alexandria with the possibility to stop for a photo). See the Montazah palace and Gardens (Salamlek palace, Haramlek palace, a garden of 317 acres of huge trees and flowers, two 5* hotles-Helnan and Salamlek). Drive to the Catacombs (we will Drive by the Bibliotheca of Alexandria). See the Catacombs (three levels of tombs under the ground dating back to the Greek period 200 years B.C., Tegran tomb. The Caracalla, very beautiful artifacts from Greeko Roman time). Drive to Bombay’s pillar. See Bombay’s pillar ( The huge red granite Pillar of 25 meters height of emperor Deghldianos was originally located in the temple of god Serapis, Paharaonic pieces and sphinxes , Serapiom which is the tomb of god Serapis). Drive to the Amphitheatre. See the Amphitheatre (the Ptolemaic Amphitheatre, the sauna spots, and the ancient gymnasium). Drive to a seafood restaurant for lunch. Drive to the Faros Island to see the fortress of Qaitbay. See the Fort of Qaitbay outside view (the place of the ancient lighthouse, the fortress of Sultan Qaitbay dating back to the Mamluki Islamic period, and the aquarium). Breakfast at your hotel in Cairo

Day 14 (Departure): Breakfast at the hotel. Egypt Fun Tours representative will transfer you to the airport and assist you at the airport through final departure formalities.


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