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Classical Egypt tours is a term refers to the tours done in the classical cities of Egypt, and also refers to the tour packages that were done in the classical times visiting the iconic sites of Egypt!

A classical tour normally covers the main classic cities of Egypt like Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, and there can be a Nile cruise portion or not, but it is sure the Nile cruise is an important part and is considered "classic".

If I tell you: "Let me help you doing the tour that Agatha Christie has done in Egypt, and even book for you the same hotel rooms and Nile cruise room she used" would this be considered a classical Egypt tour?... From one point of view, this is a classical tour, but from another point of view -if the tour of Agatha Christie was in unclassical cities such as Hurghada or Sharm Elsheikh- this would not be considered classical Egypt tour. 

Egypt fun Tours offers Classical Egypt tours as descriped above with both meanings. we do have new designed classical tours(Check out the brand new Tour package option from Manal Salem), and some "really" classical old packages. and also have some very special and unique off-the-beaten-track tour options that the one can only do with Egypt Fun Tours.



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