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Is the largest tourist bazaar in the middle east, Part of Islamic Cairo, almost 1100 years old. It was built first for selling dry food. The traders used to travel from all-over Egypt to Cairo to sell their goods in the market. Later was switched into a tourist bazaar. The main building consists of 5 stories, the ground floor was divided into shops, the first floor was for storing goods, the third, the fourth, and the most upper floor were to accommodate the traders came from allover the country.

Tourist can find all kind of souvenirs in this market, but unfortunately most of what they sell in the market nowadays is made in China except for some of the women's accessories, Gold, silver, and the herbs.

the main street of the bazaar is called Seket El-Badestan which starts from the Western corner of Al-Hussein mosque and ends at the main street of Al-Muez.

Also there is another main street and is part of the bazaar which is the Moski street named after Ezzel-Din mosque from the Fatimids period.

the main square of the bazaar is Al-Hussein mosque Square while Al-Azhar mosque, Muhammad Al-Fatih mosque, Wekalet Alghori, & Al Ghori complex are across the street.


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