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The Egypt Fun Travel forum is a community to share our Egypt travel experience to make our next trip to Egypt the best ever, and to have fun planning it.

To make our best trip to Egypt, we need knowledge from as many sources as we can get, and most likely in a fun and easy way.

In here, we make friends, share our experience, share laughs & thoughts, and just having fun even before we travel.

The most important is that we show respect by all of us towards ourselves, and others.

This is our home, we just keep it clean and tidy, and to do it, we follow these guidelines:

General Guidelines:

1-Post in a friendly way

We are not allowed to use objectionable words, or any kind of insults.

2- The community is for travel-related discussions

We are united by our love to Egypt, and Egypt travelers, so we try our best to keep the issue, however , we made a lot of friends on this forum.

3- Postings should be in English language

We do not post in any other language, the community language is English

4-We reserve the right to edit, remove, or close any topic.

Our community is divided into two forums, one forum is for questions & suggestions by travelers and for travelers to share experience, while the other forum is made specially for everybody to tell us about his travel business.

Questions & Suggestions forum guidelines:

1-The general rules apply.

2-No ads or self promoting.

3-No aggression against posters.

4-In a way or another we avoid talking about religions or politics.

Travel Ads Forum guidelines:

1-The general rules apply.

2-The Questions & Suggestions forum Rules No. 3 and 4  apply.

3-It is very welcomed to post your ads, but it should be travel-related, and in English language.

4-Only your guests can add responses to your ads or post.

5- Egypt tour guides are welcomed to post thier contact information, what kind of services they offer, photos, and detailed tour options and excursions.

6- Posting links to your website, products, or services is fine.


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