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when you wake up, it will be finished. Try to sleep and get in the dream, it takes just few seconds to fall in, just few seconds to live your sweet dream...I saw myself as high as the moon riding a camel in the Great Sahara desert surrounded with Yellow dates and flourishing palm trees, as high as the moon,

I was riding the camel stepping above the hard sand, and sometimes swimming in the sand dunes, figuring out how soft it is, as high as the moon, I was on the camel hitting the road to the White desert, felt like I am travelling to heaven with no desires, no hopes but slightly satisfied, or better say gradually getting satisfaction...

Did I see the Pyramids?...I just asked myself, or do I have to go to the valley of the kings, or better try to go further to Abu Simbel, What a dream!!

Stones were held by an old lady, No, not as you thought, she was selling them to the tourist, and she said if you drank the water of the Nile, you will definitely come back again to ME... I smiled and I realized why strangers do not drink from the Nile :)

"When you wake up, it will be finished" said the old lady. She told me that I am in a sweet dream and it will be finished soon. I want to sleep forever then, never wake up.

The old Lady said: "I am your dream, when you wake up, it will be finished...I asked the lady very rude question: How old are you Grandma??? She answered: I am 7000 years old.



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