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The world changes, the information & technology revolution occurs, and the social networking is narrowing the world. However, the change was not coming into the minds of the Middle East rulers, kings, and presidents.

Nations felt the change which invaded the whole world and lastly was knocking on their door of the middle East region.

That change was more than welcomed by the blind people who were just asking for it, but the very open-eyed regimes rejected it and never thought of its danger on their power!

It is so strange that the world was standing by watching the spark of the change and never announced a clear opinion on what is going on!, but it was clearly announced by the leaders of the world when the young people in the Middle East proved too strong and too Barbaric to surrender.

Barak Obama said that the Americans should raise their children to be like the Egyptian youth. And David Cameron the British prime minister said that they should teach the Egyptian revolution in their schools! And many others of the world's leaders gave very positive comments on the revolution. That is so weired for me and makes me suspend it all!


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