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stefania"My boyfriend and I have just come back from a two weeks holiday in Egypt during which we spent four days in the oasis with Egypt Fun Tours. We highly recommend this company for a few simple reasons.

- We were able to personalize our tour. We are a young packpacker couple and we are used to travel on our own, usually visiting less touristic routes, so we were a bit worried of beeing in an "organized tour". Hani, our guide, understood our "style of travelling" and showed us some less known places of Egypt and its culture - for example: we went to a fantastic hot spring for a night bath and we ate local food like baringal (fried obergines), felafel and aish (bread) and after that we smoked good no-flavour shishas in a small shop crowded with local people watching footbal

- We saved a lot of time. One of the reasons we decided to go with an organized tour was because we didn't have enough time to spend on public buses or taxis around the oasis. Having only two weeks during which we wanted to go around all Egypt this seemed to us the best option and we do not regret our choice

- We had a chance to know better the Egyptian culture. Not only was Hani an excellent guide in explaing what we were visiting, but he is also a passionate egyptoligist (ask him whatever you like and he has always an answer!). Plus he gave us an awful lot of other information about the local culture (we actually bombarded him with any kind of stupid question: from Egyptian wedding traditions to the best place to buy a felafel in Luxor!)


Drawbacks: The major disappointmen we had was due to the bad idea of sleeping in the desert on the New Year's eve - something which many other people obviously thought of, so that the desert wasn't the quite and intimate place we dreamt of - but that's was our fault.
Another minor thing: the first van we used from Cairo to Bahariya had a break down which worried us a bit since it was the very beginning of the tour, but we lost not more than two hours and after that everything went smoothly. This inconvenience was well compensated by our 4x4 driver who looked just like the actor Eddie Murphy and made as laught everytime we were on his car!"

Thanks for all your help!


Duration -- 29 December 2010 - 2 January 2011


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