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Tourism in Egypt After January 2011
Tourism in Egypt is down after the uprising of 2011, and there is around 11 million people suffering from losing their business related to tourism. Those who work in tourism tried all possible means with the Egyptian government asking for their bu... Read more:
Unique Holiday Experience
Egypt is a very fascinating country and its rich history makes it one of the best destinations if you are looking for a distinctive experience. The... Read more:
We Protect Your budget! No commissions, No Hidden Fees!
When introduced to Egypt tours through tens of thousands of websites and tour agencies, you will see how the price of a same tour package differs, ... Read more:
Egypt's Must-See Attractions
This list will save you time and not waste your time looking for the places to see in Egypt, the below attractions are the ones in al... Read more:
Luxor Top Attractions
A list of the top attractions of Luxor, and the must-see places... Just to save you time digging around to know where to go, or what to visit. Lu... Read more:
Egypt Attractions
All the Egyptian attraction in a list. You can get the names from this list to help you searching the web for more info and details on each site to... Read more:
Egypt Transportation
General Idea The second oldest railways in the world are in Egypt, the main line has 1100 Km (about 750 miles) that you as a tourist are going to u... Read more:
Entrance Fees
It is a must in Egypt to use Egyptian pounds in buying the admission fees, so be prepared. The Egyptian currency is the Pounds which is referred ... Read more:
Egypt In Pieces
We in Egypt Fun Tours think a lot about how to help you Plan your perfect trip, we found it useful to list all the Egyptian spots that can be visi... Read more:


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