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It is a must in Egypt to use Egyptian pounds in buying the admission fees, so be prepared. The Egyptian currency is the Pounds which is referred to as L.E stands for Livre Egyptien, or EGP stands for Egyptian pound. Total of the entrance fees of a regular highlights program covers Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abusimbel sightseeing is as following: (All in Egyptian pounds).
Giza pyramids 80
Sakkara pyramids 80
Memphis 40
Cairo museum 75
Mummy Room 100
Citadel of Saladin 60
Child or student is Half ticket!
Karnak temples 80
Luxor temples 60
Hatshepsuet temple 52
Valley of the Kings 104
Kom Ombo temple 40
Edfu temple 60
Philae temple 60 (and a fee for the motor boat - 50 L.E for all the group)
The High Dam 30
The unfinished obelisk 40
Abusimbel temples 115
This is almost $140 USD (Total of all entrance fees)
The sleeper train ticket is $160 round ticket ($80 one way)
So, the price for a classical highlights trip would cost
$140 entrance fees
$160 sleeper train tickets
$350 for 7 nights stay (5 stars)
this is total of $650/person excludes
guiding fee
tours' transportation cost
pick ups & drop-off services
So please, generally speaking, when request for a tour quotation, please do your calculations in regards of all the above points, add to them the special permits that could be required from the police and not for free, any additional services, and add the fee of any special request that you might ask for...
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