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kids toursHave you ever thought of making a trip to Egypt for Kids ??...Egypt Fun Tours is your perfect choice, imagine being 8 or 10 years old exploring Giza Pyramids, Karnak temples in Luxor, the Great Abusimbel Temple of King Ramsses the second, floating over the Nile in a Felucca, or Playing Tennis on board of a Nile cruise.

Egypt is fascinating for children and perfect for those school reports about ancient Egypt.

Children Study Egypt and the Egyptian History in schools, to make it real live hisotry is a much bigger dream than what they ever dreamed of, with us, their dream will easily come true.

Our very well trained experienced stuff will take care of your children, direct, and help parents and/or teachers to manage the tour.

We are the best and the only Tour agency handling this kind of tours.


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