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hamada husseinWhen introduced to Egypt tours through tens of thousands of websites and tour agencies, you will see how the price of a same tour package differs, and most probably you will be able to get so cheap prices for your "trip of a life time" as described by these travel companies and online agencies! What we would like to clarify here is how the price of a tour package is determined and why sometimes it is so cheap. Cheap does not necessarily mean low quality of service, but it necessarily means that there will be some hidden fees/expenses!!

Traditionally local tour companies follow a certain system for selling their products which can be called "bring him first on our thigh" which means they will save no effort to let you first BUY the package at any possible acceptable-by-you price, and then when you come, they will be having their very own ways to make money out of you!

When I get the chance to speak honestly with any of the travel companies agents and ask them why the price is so cheap, their answer is always so simple "bring them on our thigh "then we know how to take their money! Am I giving out some little secret here?! Absolutely not, I am just trying to give both tourist & tour agencies the peace of mind!! Few years ago when I started Egypt Fun tours, I made it clear to our tour operators as a policy to follow, and it succeeded, but I think this is the right time to announce it and even try to introduce it to other tour agencies! And also it is a chance to tell you about the technique used by them to suck your money out of your pocket when in Egypt. It is known that the business of tourism in Egypt makes double amount of money from a 13 million tourist more than what Tunisia makes from an 18 million tourist every year. We are talking here about the so-called "commissions", "tourist prices", and "between the lines tricks". 


At Egypt Fun Tours, the tour guides are instructed on how to avoid any possible mistake regarding this, and we tell them how they HAVE TO not to take commissions from any purchase the tourist might do, and we teach them and train them that "commission=dirty money"

You might be smiling now and telling yourself that commission is a global system everywhere and that you have no problem with it. In fact Egypt tourist is being cheated by those who deal with him everywhere in Egypt. Shops are taking exaggerated prices for very cheap things, and if you have a little experience or information received by a friend of yours about the price of a papyrus sheet, you most probably think that papyrus is expensive, but this is not true. A papyrus sheet of a one square meter size is around $20 USD, and tourists get it for around $200 USD!! So Egypt travelers pay 10 times price, and that is not just because they are strangers, it is also because travel companies and tour guides get more than half of this money as commission. Some people would think that they can just not buy anything when in Egypt, and my question is: Do you think your trip would be nice (life time memory) if you controlled yourself not-to-buy when in Egypt? And would it be worry-free, then when you are sure that your guide is hiding something and is making sure you do not talk to local people not to tell you about the commission he and the company takes? Or even lie to you about the real prices of products in Egypt?

TOUR COMPANIES TAKE THE COMMISSION IN ADVANCE!! They go to some certain shops and make the deal which is to provide the shop with a specific number of tour buses every year and get "thousands of pounds" in advance! and that is terrible as your local guide has no clue on how to skip this shop from your tour program even if you said that you do not want to go, and the guide will try his best to convince you to go visit the shop and buy! How would you like such a trip??

"TOURIST PRICE" is not in every country, but it is used widely in Egypt in all the touristic cities in shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, groceries, and even a barber shop. This is too easy to solve and you just can let it to our tour guides. Your private local guide knows very well where to take you to buy your personal items if needed at a local Egyptian regular price.

Finally, Advice for you when booking a tour package even if you are booking it from next door native agency:

  1. Make sure visits to the shops are not included and that will save your valuable time and money in Egypt.
  2. If the given price is cheap, ask the provider why? Yes, why the price is so cheap, and make sure there will be no tricks, hidden fees, or commissions taken from you.
  3. Do not bargain the price!!    


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