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ekhnatonblackEgypt is a very fascinating country and its rich history makes it one of the best destinations if you are looking for a distinctive experience. There are different activities that you can take part in during holidays Egypt.
One of the things you can try while you are in this African country is diving. The Red Sea is a great place for various types of underwater adventures. There is a range of marine life and the waters are landscaped with dramatic drop-offs and coral. The most excellent place to enjoy the submarine  is at the Ras Mohamed National Park.

During holidays Egypt, you can also take the opportunity to explore the country's diverse desert. While you are in the desert, you can also visit the ancient ruins in the area. Hiking is another thrilling activity you can take part in while during your holiday. Pilgrims from various denominations have been hiking up the Mt. Sinai for several years for a chance to see the sunrise in the awesome landscape. The hike up the mountain takes three hours and you can stay in one of the monasteries and hire a camel to go up.

If you are looking for incredible adventurous to take part in during your holiday, you can take a hot-air balloon flight to acquire a good view of the Nile. The flight also gives you a prospect to see some of the ruins left behind by the area's ancient  people.

A holiday to Egypt is not entire if you do not take a ride along the famous Nile River. The ride along the entire river can take you about five days but you can take stops along the way. The boat ride will give you a chance to see some of the country's bird life and ancient ruins


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