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Entrance Fees
It is a must in Egypt to use Egyptian pounds in buying the admission fees, so be prepared. The Egyptian currency is the Pounds which is referred to as L.E stands for Livre Egyptien, or EGP stands for Egyptian pound. Total of the entrance fees of... Read more:
Egypt In Pieces
We in Egypt Fun Tours think a lot about how to help you Plan your perfect trip, we found it useful to list all the Egyptian spots that can be visited by tourist with some information about each place in a very easy clear language to provide you w... Read more:
Fun Tours For Kids, School Trips
Have you ever thought of making a trip to Egypt for Kids ??...Egypt Fun Tours is your perfect choice, imagine being 8 or 10 years old exploring Giza Pyramids, Karnak temples in Luxor, the Great Abusimbel Temple of King Ramsses the second, floating... Read more:


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