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What does SEO mean?  It means optimizing content you own and have on your website to be better seen by the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) which necessarily means that you cannot think about or do it unless you have this content to optimize at the first hand. The SEO experts say " Content is the king"! If you have good unique content, you already have good SEO. On the other hand, copying content from other website is enough to kill your website and all your efforts.

This content needs to be presented beautifully and that is called "feel and look" of your website which is another long story can be written simply in few words like (fast, simple website, eye comfortable colors "best is white background", few good working functions and facilities).

Let's say that you have a good unique content presented beautifully on the web, and you still looking for optimizing it for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. When writing your content put in mind some few bases to follow: Good descriptive title, good description for the content falls in the first 35 words and contains the title words within, good page content of more than 700 words and contains title words and repeats targeted keywords, and most importantly focuses on the main niche of your business and website. Also, make sure your content is HO "Human optimization" Which means good content for your human visitors not just for search engines.

Make a strong net between the elements of your website content. Be sure to make your targeted keywords within the content clickable words that link to other content on your website.

It is good to know about SEO techniques before writing your content as it is a built-up process occurs during writing more that after writing.

An important SEO part is the HEADINGS of the content ' h1, h2, h3, etc" but the good news is most of the platforms do it for you automatically.

Last but not least, make sure you add new content twice per week or at least once per week as the search engines crawlers crawl your website and index the new content every 15 days, and if your content was the same (nothing new), your ranking might go lower on search engines.


  1. Content is the king
  2. SEO is a process that is done for something you already have to OPTIMIZE.
  3. New content every week is important
  4. HEADINGS are important, do it yourself if it is not done automatically.
  5. STRONG SPIDER net between the content of your website.
  6. Targeted keywords should be clickable to other content on your website.
  7. FEEL & LOOK: Fast, simple website, eye comfortable colors "best is white background", few good working functions and facilities.


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