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How to make a website? And is it an easy process that everybody can achieve??  ... Nowadays - with all the modern technology- it is possible and even easy to make your own website, it does not take you more than being serious and patient. In the old days, a website making meant 4 main things or better say 4 main makers to make it: there was the graphics designer, the web developer, content submitter (you), and the programmer. The designer was to design the layout of the website, while the graphics designer was to process and edit images to be best fit on this layout, and the submitter is you adding the content while the programmer was to create applications to handle specific functions on the website.

Now the story came to an important change{/tip} and a one does not need all those people to make his website, it is way easier!

There are many FREE software on the web that can make it for you at no cost, this software is called Open Source software "OPS" which was created by a group of people and volunteers. You can always use this open source software to make your website; it gives you a full website of two main pages: the front-end and the back-end. The front-end is your website that visitors and everybody can see, while the back-end is your control panel from which you will have the full control over your website and can change and edit the template “layout“ of your website, the content, the graphics, and the design.

The very popular software among all the open source software are three: Joomla, Wordpress, and Drubal, the three of them give you a full "empty" website, and reading their manual guide is enough to give you a clue on how to start filling your content, information, and data.

I would say that Joomla is the best among the three mentioned applications, it has got some crap codes, but it gives you the ease of editing and maintaining while keeping it free all the way, Joomla is great platform for any website; small, medium, or large websites.

Wordpress and Drubal are more like for blogging which is still great and also there will be an option of editing them to make the website looks like a real website, but web-developing here is very much involved, otherwise you will have to pay for their expensive extensions, plug-in, and modules.

How to start making your website?

If you are interested in what I did, and/or like this blog and website you are reading now, and want to have similar one, then keep reading.

First step of all steps is "choose and buy your domain on the web", and it has to be paid domain not free.

Second of all "buy a hosting plan" and set your system to Linux, and choose to have php language on your server.

Third of all download the latest Joomla package, download the Joomla manual guide and read carefully.

Download filezilla FTP client for your PC’s operating system to get an acees to your server and be able to upload and download files from and to your database.

Now you are ready with almost all tools needed for a good website bearing in mind you have got a good content to add and just looking for a beautiful way to present it on the web independently!

On the Joomla manual guide there will be information on how to install it on your server. Joomla comes with some pre-installed free templates that you can choose from.

Choose your template and see how it shows on the front-end. There you will see your “empty” website, empty except for some links to Joomla website and some content that you should remove afterwards, this content is there just to help you.

You will have different minus with different styles, the most important among them is the main top menu with buttons! Make sure you include “about me” and “contact me” on the top menu and of-curse another item for the main product (content) that you made this website specifically to show.

How to add my content?

On your Joomla back-end main control panel there will be a section manager, and a category manager. You should start first with section manager, click it and create all your website sections which is more like creating drivers inside your PC’s hard disk; let’s say your sections would be Movies, Music, Software, support, etc. After creating your sections, you will have to create categories under these sections, and these categories are like folders you create in your PC’s hard disk like;

Movies >> American movies

                Indian movies

                Egyptian movies

Music >> Hiphop music

           Rap music

           Trance and house

After creating all your sections and categories, you should go to the top menu of your back-end administrator platform and hover on menus in the top left and then click on menu manager >> add new menu. Create your new menu and save it.

Hover again on the menus on the top left and click on your new menu and then add new menu item>>articles>> category blog layout>>choose one category from the categories you have already created, and then name your item same like the category.

This is already explained with efficiency and details on the manual guide of Joomla.


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