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The last thing the Groom wants is a catastrophic stag do. He wants to remember this important milestone in his life as a happy time. He does not want to remember spending it in accident and emergency or worse, a police cell. How the stag night is organised, and where it is held, is vital.

Where to hold it?
There are certain conditions necessary for a successful stag night, or a longer party. One of them is where the celebration is to take place. There is of course a lot of drinking done at stag events, so the last thing the party members want is to have to travel a lot. A good stag do needs somewhere compact with good pubs, restaurants and clubs within easy staggering distance. For a place which encourages partying, Newcastle is the obvious answer.

Call in the experts

A stag night is meant to be a celebration, but organising one is fraught with dangers. There are so many pitfalls, from transport not turning up to hotels not being properly booked. And very few people have the talent, or the desire to organise a stag weekend. It is safer and more efficient to call in one of the companies, including Redseven, which specialises in organising safe and successful stag parties.

Geordies love to party

Redseven has been organising parties since 1997, so they have learned a trick or two. And Newcastle is one of their prime places for a stag night or, better, a weekend. Geordies like letting their hair down, and they expect other people to do it as well. Parts of the city have their own tightly grouped clumps of pubs, restaurants and clubs. It is one of the reasons the locals do not take their coats when they go out. There are so many fun places so close together that they do not have to spend long out in the cold.

Top of the nightlife

Newcastle's pre-eminence in partying is recognised nationally and internationally. Tripadvsior's Travellers' Choice European nightlife awards put Newcastle third. (First was London and second Berlin). Newcastle's nightlife was named as the UK's top tourist attraction by The Rough Guide to Britain. And the team at Redseven knows all the best places to celebrate through the night. They have their finger on the party pulse.

Opening the gate

The Gate complex is the newest conglomeration of places to party. It has bars, restaurant, smart nightclub and a multiplex cinema with 12 screens. You don't even have to go outside to do a pub crawl. Other parts of the city have their own concentrations of bars, pubs and nightclubs: The Quayside part of the centre of the city, the Bigg Market, Neville Street, the 'Diamond Strip' on Collingwood Street and Osborne Road.

Don't organise, just enjoy

Let one of the professional stag do organisers take all the hard work out of a weekend in Newcastle. You can just enjoy it all. Try go kart racing on a stag do in Newcastle on a 450-metres long track. Or get rid of a little aggression on the paintball field. The course has various different themed scenarios for pretend soldiers. Or have a flutter at the Newcastle greyhound racing track. If you do not win you can at least enjoy the drinks vouchers the organisers supply. And stag party organisers will get you premium entry to the nightclubs, so you can queue jump. It pays to go to the professionals for your party.


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