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Dahabiya classicThe Dahabeya is a small sailing boat, a traditional 1920s style small boat - 100 to 120 feet in length - with 5 to 8 rooms enough to accommodate a max. of 14 people. The Dahabeyas are found on the Nile in Egypt, Dongola is the oldest Dahabeya on the Nile was built in the beginning of the 20th century ordered specially by the famous classical actor and singer "Fareed El-atrash" who was originally from Lebanon!The crew of a Dahabeya is averaged between 10 to 20 persons, they are to manage, maintain, and run the Dahabeya, they are the manager, the captain, two or three sailors, a receptionist, two waiters, two housekeepers, two for the tug boat, two for the maintenance, three cooks.

A group of 8 people will fit perfectly on any Dahabeya in Egypt to have an amazingly peaceful and so beautiful cruise trip from Luxor to Aswan or the other way around!

The big motor ship on the Nile usually have the M/S written before the name cruises the Nile between the two cities in 3 nights/4 days, but with the Dahabeya the same trip takes longer time, and it is usually done in 4 nights/5 days, or 5 nights/6 days.

The price of such trips aboard Dahabeyas is much higher than a price of a regular cruise ship even if it is 5 stars top deluxe standard, Average price would be 150 Euro or 200 US dollars per night per person. The price is high as the trip is so unique, the Dahabeya is enough for just few number of people with all facilities of a 5 stars Deluxe hotel (air conditioner, hair dryers, all kinds of coffee,  etc.), and the services which would be provided as a high class.

Most of the travel agencies sell their packages with the Dahabeyas for expensive prices that not everybody can afford, a package that covers Cairo Luxor, Aswan with Dahabeya tour is sold normally for 2500 to 3000 US dollars/person, but with us Egypt Fun Tours, we have beaten those exaggerated prices down and made this package of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and a Dahabeya available for low prices that everybody can afford.

We have also designed another package that covers the awesome White desert, the Valley of the whales, Cairo, Luxor, Dahabeya, and Aswan in 10 Days

Not all prices are available on our website, you should contact us for your very special price.


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