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abusimbel facade

Join us on this amazing trip and enjoy the upper part of Egypt with all the stunning edifices of the Pharaohs. Aswan, Abusimbel, Kalabasha temple, Beit el Wadi, Wadi El-Seboua, and The Temple of Amada are just some of the great places you are going to visit in this tour. An outastanding services await you on board of our lake Nasser cruises.




Day 1 (Aswan): Arrival Aswan, Egypt Fun Tours representative will meet, welcome and assist you. Start our tour to Visit: The Greco-roman Style “Kalabasha” Temple located in Aswan by Lake Nasser, Was dedicated to the God Mandoulis, the Hemi-Speos of Beit el Wadi, one of the temples erected by Ramses the second, the Kiosk of Kertassi erected to honour The Goddess Isis. Transfer to Your 5* Lake Nasser Cruise. Lunch on board of your Cruise. Sailing to Wadi el Seboua. Dinner on board of The Lake Nasser Cruise & Overnight on The Way to The Tropic of Cancer

nefertari temple inside

Day 2 (Navigation): Breakfast on board of your cruise. Relax while navigating to Wadi El-seboua. Lunch and Dinner on board of your cruise

Day 3 (Wadi El-Seboua): Breakfast on board of The Cruise. Visit Wadi El Seboua Temple. Erected by Ramses II Dedicated to the two Gods Amon Ra and Ra Harmakis. Visit The Temple of Dakka, dedicated to The God Thot of Divine Wisdom, Lord of Times and Science, Master of Literature. Visit The Greco-Roman Temple of Maharakka. Lunch on board of The Cruise, Sailing to Amada, Visit The Temple of Amada from the XVIIIth Dynasty, built during The Reign of Thohotmosis III, Amenophis III and Thohotmosis IV. Visit The Hemi-Spocs of Derr, dedicated by Ramses II to the rising sun. Finally The Tomb of Penout, Viceroy of Nubia. Sailing to Kasr Ibrim. Dinner on board of The Cruise.

Day 4 (Abusimbel&Kasr Ibrim): Breakfast on board of your cruise. Visit to The Citadel of Kasr Ibrim, sole vestige of the distant past of Nubia in its original location. Explanation is done from the sun deck of the ship as Entrance to the site is not permitted. Navigate to Abu Simbel. Lunch on board of The Cruise. Visit The Temples Symbol of The International Salvage of The Nubian Monuments: The Temple of Ramses II and his beloved wife Nefertari. Compulsory Sound & Light Show at Abu Simbel Temple. Candlelight Dinner on board on The Cruise.

Day 5 (Disembarkation): Breakfast on board of your lake Nasser cruise. Disembark of your cruise. Time to tour Abusimbel for the second time to watch sunrise.


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