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Coptic Frescos from the Wadi Natrun monastery side

Full day trip from Cairo to Wadi El-Natroon to visit the early Christian monasteries of Egypt. The very first Christian monasteries were born in Egypt in wadi Natrun, where once over 50 monasteries were standing there!! In this day trip you will be introduced to the last 4 still-standing monasteries of this sacred place. Dier Al-Baramus is the oldest among them and the first to experience, followed by Dier Anba Bishoi with its namesake's body still exists. Then you will be introduced to the richest monastery, Dier Abu Maqar, and then to the most compact among them all, Deir El Suryani before heading back to Cairo.


8:00 am: Transfer by our private A/C Coach to Wadi El-Natrun (100 k.m from Cairo via alexandria desert road - one hour drive)

Visit Dier Al-Batrus the oldest monastery among them all.

Visit Dier Anba bishoi.

Visit dier Abu Maqar.

Visit Dier El-Suryani.

stop on the way back to get some snacks.

continue to Cairo

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