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Cairo Layover Tours



Spend your layover with Egypt Fun Tours

Cairo layover & transit tours from Cairo airport. Unforgettable Cairo lay-over tours. See the iconic sites of Cairo, Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo museum, Sakkara step pyramid, Coptic Cairo, Dahshur pyramids, down town Cairo, Khan Elkhalili bazaar and Islamic Cairo. Get out of the airport and add Cairo to your travel list instead of wasting your time waiting for your flight. The best Cairo layover tours in Egypt with very competitive prices.

Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Tour from Cairo Airport
This is a layover tour from Cairo airport to the pyramids and the Sphinx with stops at the ancient temples and the Queens, pyramids. Opportunity... Read more:
Early arrival, 16 hours Cairo Lay-over Tour From Cairo Airport
This is a long Cairo layover tour of 16 hours: See Giza great pyramids, the Egyptian national museum, the Citadel of Saladin, Mohamed Ali... Read more:
Giza Pyramids and Cairo Layover Day Tour from Cairo Airport
Visit Giza pyramids and the Sphinx during your layover at Cairo airport with a private guide. Cairo layover day-tour to Giza pyramids, the Sphinx... Read more:
Short Cairo Layover Tour From Cairo Airport
In short transit of 5 hours, see the famous pyramids of Egypt, the Sphinx, the ancient temples, and stroll the fatimid medieval Cairo and... Read more:
Layover Tour To Pyramids, Sphinx, And Sakkara
Cairo airport layover tour to pyramids, Sphinx, and Sakkara. See the Great pyramid, the Sphinx, and the Step pyramid in your Cairo layover tour.... Read more:
Layover Tour From Cairo Airport - Early Morning Arrival
Are you arriving to Cairo so early? If you arrive as early as 5:00 am and want to go out of the airport and do enjoy seeing the city of Cairo,... Read more:
Layover Tour To Sakkara And Memphis Fron Cairo Airport
Explore Sakkara, Memphis, and Khan Elkhalili bazaar in your Cairo layover. This tour covers the step pyramid complex at Sakkara, the museum of... Read more:
Cairo Stop Over Tour From Cairo Airport
Unique layover tour covers the famous pyramids sites of Egypt; Giza pyramids, the Sphinx, and Sakkara pyramids, Islamic Cairo, Khan El-khalili... Read more:
Layover Tour to the Pyramids and the Sphinx from Cairo Airport
This tour highlights the famous pyramids of Egypt as well as the Sphinx with an opportunity to stroll the city market at Khan Elkhalili. If time... Read more:
Cairo Stop Over Tour From Cairo Airport (Early Arrival Long Layover)
This layover tour is unique as it covers the famous pyramids sites of Egypt. Giza pyramids, the Sphinx, and Saqqara pyramids, Islamic Cairo,... Read more:
Sound And Light Show In a Layover Tour
Tour the city and enjoy the old part of medieval Cairo during your layover. Attend the sound and light show at the Giza great pyramids site... Read more:
Layover Tour From Cairo Airport: Afternoon Start
Arriving in Cairo in the afternoon does not mean you will miss a visit to the Giza Pyramids & the Sphinx, it only takes around 45 minutes... Read more:
Egyptair Layover Tours From Cairo Airport
Choosing an Egyptair flight with a connection is not always a bad choice! It could be a great chance if you have a long layover allows you to... Read more:
Cairo Layover Tour (Afternoon Arrival)
Arriving to Cairo in the afternoon does not mean you miss your chance to see the pyramids and the Sphinx. We will pick you up from the Cairo... Read more:
12 Hours Cairo Layover Tour From Cairo Airport
Leaving from New York and landing in Cairo at noontime for a layover, and then leaving at midnight?... Looking for the perfect Cairo layover... Read more:
Full Day Cairo Transit Tour
One Day Cairo layover tours to see Giza Pyramids, the great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and Khan El-khalili bazaar. Enjoy a fantastic walking... Read more:
Cairo Layover Ideas
Do you have an extended stay in Cairo, long layover, or an overnight?... Why not get out of the airport and take in some of Cairo's... Read more:
Best Cairo Transit Tour
Minimum hours for Transit tours in Cairo is 5 hours which will give you a chance to see just one attraction, or just get to see the market of Khan... Read more:
Transit Tours from Cairo airport
Cairo airport is one of the transit and layover spots in the world as it falls almost in the center of the world. Doing a transit tour to see... Read more:
Long layover Tour to Giza pyramids and Egyptian Museum From Cairo airport
This Long Cairo Layover from Cairo airport covers tours to Giza Pyramids, tours to Cairo Museum, Down town tour, and Islamic Cairo with Khan... Read more:


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