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Desert Safari Tours



Begin your  desert adventures with Egypt Fun Tours

Leave behind traditonal touristic sights and head out into the vast Sahara for an adventure unlike any other. Discover the stunning silence of the desert and awe inspiring landscapes in the Great Sand Sea and the White Desert. Explore the mysteries of Siwa and the other desert oases. You can combine your desert safari with a visit to Cairo or a cruise down the Nile.

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Fayoum Oasis Desert adventures, 2 nights camping
3 days Desert Safari tours in the Western desert to the following places: Rayyan Valley, Magic lake, Sand dunes, Valley of the whales, Sand boarding, Arabs palaces & Sand dunes (camping area), Water melons valley (formations), The cave (small camping cave area), Northern side of Qaroon lake, Sagha Palace, Demeit ElSebaa (ancient city ruins), Horse ears (volcanic formations) basalt stone, The fossilized forest, The pharaohs road (ancient road of quarries), Etman camp, Qaroon palace (Roman), The Golden horn Island (rocky island of 55 acres, home of Norse and kingfisher (May to...
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Desert Adventure : 7 Days 6 Nights
This is a tour to see all the must-sees of Cairo and Alexandria together with an amazing camping trip to the oases of the western desert. Want to see and feel the magic of Egypt!! Join this trip and experience the best adventure in your lifetime.Starting From $ 000 | Trip duration : 7 Days / 6...
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Full Day  Trip To Wadi El-Hitan
In 1902, the world celebrated another great discovery that comes the second in importance after king Tut's in 1922, it is completely different though, as it is a world's heritage site like the valley of the kings, the Pharaohs had no clue how to find such place..It is the Whales valley in the...
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Full Day Trip to Valley of Whales (Wadi El-Hitan)
This is a ful day trip to the valley of the whales also know as Wadi El-Hitan. The tours cover the valley of the whales, Rayyan valley, Fayyoum lakes, and the beautiful desert scenary. Details Important Info BOOK NOW Egypt's desert is vast and forms around 95% of the...
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Overnight Camping Tour of White & Black Deserts from Cairo
The white desert is a miracle delivered by mother nature for us to enjoy! This safari adventure is the most interesting one on our planet. If visiting Egypt, you should do this adventure and see what god has prepared for you on earth. Details Important Info BOOK...
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White Desert Camping
The fact that Europe is the only contenent without any desert makes it a must for any European to visit Egypt for the very unique experience of camping in the desert. It is going to be one of a kind because of the white desert where we install our camp and let you enjoy the lunar atmposphere...
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Djara Cave & White Desert Camping 5 Days 4 Nights
Desert camping lovers, this trip is for you. A very special camping experience in two defferent deserts. Start your trip from Cairo and do one night camping at the white desert and another at the Djara cave. Afantastic unique desert adventure for those who love the silent nature and the beauty...
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Wadi El-Hitan Adventure In 4 Days 3 Nights.
The Western Egyptian desert is one of its kind. Sign up for this unique experience and be one of the first people visiting the valley of the whales. Camping at that world's heritage site is a worthwhile experience. And the white desert is definitely one of the nature's wonders with its...


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