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This is a ful day trip to the valley of the whales also know as Wadi El-Hitan. The tours cover the valley of the whales, Rayyan valley, Fayyoum lakes, and the beautiful desert scenary.



Egypt's desert is vast and forms around 95% of the Egyptian land. A quick look at the Egyptian map would let you decide which part to visit if you wanted to go to the desert. One of the shortest and most exciting trips from Cairo to the desert is that one to the valley of the whales. Tourist go there to see fossils of ocean's creatures from at least 40 million years ago. The valley of the whales is classified by UNISCO as one of the world heritage sites. It was discovered around a century ago and the ancient Egyptians knew nothing about it! The area used to be one of the bays of nowadays so-called the Atlantic ocean where whales gathered, and when the water receded due to major climate changes, the whales died. Now the valley is very well prepared to welcome tourist as the natural reserve officials made a track for the tourist so visitors can walk to see the fossils of the huge old creatures.

Egypt Fun Tours will take you from your hotel, airport or any address in Cairo early in the morning around 6am and go see the valley which is in the north west direction, it takes around three hours by tourist bus to get there, and the trip is available every day, you will get to the valley around 10am, start your walking tour with the tour guide to see the fossils in around two hours, and then your Barbeque lunch will be ready. After lunch start again your off-road driving to the surrounding desert area to see more of the beautiful scenery. Stop by the valley of Rayyan to see the waterfalls and the natural lakes of Fayyom. Proceed to Cairo to drop you off at your address or hotel.


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