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Long Nile Cruise Tours

long nile cruise from cairo to aswanYou can cruise the Nile from Cairo to Aswan in 7 nights. These tours feature cruises go from Cairo to Aswan and vise versa. During this cruise trip, you will stop by the cities of attractions including all the classical cities of the Nile's valley to explore the ancient temples and tombs. You will also get to see the modern cities of Egypt that are located along the Nile. contact us:

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Nile Cruise: Cairo To Aswan
For the first time after 30 years you can make your dream come true: join the long Nile cruise from Aswan to Cairo on board of the unique design boat Farah, the most particular 5 star deluxe boat in the Nile... Dear Travelers, we are happy and pr... Read more:
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7 Nights Nile cruise EX Luxor.
Looking for relaxation, cannot find enough time for inspiration even in vacations, want to explore and enjoy the sightseeing of Upper Egypt with ... Read more:

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