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Lake Nasser Cruises

Lake NasserMix of Egypt and Africa. Interact with Nubians with half Egyptian & half black African features, cruise the Nile behind the Dam, and explore the magnificent Abusimbel temples of the golden land "Nubba", and the temples of king Ramses II from the ancient Egyptian New kingdom. Take this cruise, it is very peaceful and inspirable! An experience of a lifetime.

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Nasser Cruise 7 Days 6 Nights
A second timer to Egypt, want to do something different, want to enjoy the marvelous temples at Abusimbel, and even do a lake Nasser cruise and explore the breathtaking temples of Nubia?.. this trip is for you all coated with inspirational momen... Read more:
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Aswan/Abusimbel 5 D - 4 N
Join us on this amazing trip and enjoy the upper part of Egypt with all the stunning edifices of the Pharaohs. Aswan, Abusimbel, Kalabasha temple... Read more:
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Two Visits To Abusimbel 4 Days Cruise
Even the locals enjoy the difference of this splended Nile trip so much! With the spirit of the Nubians, enjoy 4 days on board of our Nubian Crui... Read more:

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