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Alexandria pillar

Alexandria: Location: This is the Shining pearl of the Mediterranean Sea known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean". The most important City in Egypt after Cairo (called the second capital) and one of the most summer resort in the Middle East.  It lies on the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Nile Delta, 225 km from Cairo through Agriculture road and 221 km through the desert road. Named after "Alexander the Great" when he entered Memphis the ancient capital of Egypt at 333 BC When he reached an area between the Mediterranean sea and the lake of Marriot,

it was an old Egyptian village called " Re-qbt" and that was named in Greek Racotis , to be a the capital of his realm in Egypt , and a sea port close to his homeland , as well as a center of Greek culture and civilization. He decided to build a town there named after his name and yet this was the chosen site of Alexandria, he had an architect named " Dinocratis" , It was the birth of a great new city. Alexandria remained for centuries, a beacon of cultures from the world over, and left its mark on the history of mankind.




When you are in Alexandria there are so many sites that you will want to see. Admire Alexandria Qaitbay Citadel, built in the 15th century by Sultan Qaitbay, See the grand Montazah Palace, which combines Turkish and Florentine architectural styles. Then move on to the new and much acclaimed Alexandria Library. Also visit the Roman cemetery cut out of the rock, the Catacombs.


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