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camels at the pyramids

10 days of tours all around Egypt. Stunning Giza pyramids tours, Cairo museum guided tours, walking tours in the old town, Coptic and Islamic Cairo tours, visit to the tourist market, Luxor attractions including Valley of the Kings and Habu temple, Aswan attractions with a visit to Ramses II temples at Abusimbel. Get the best of Egypt tours at the lowest possible cost.



Day 1: You will be picked up by your private tours guide from Egypt Fun Tours. After welcome and assist with airport foramlities, the guide will trasfer you to your hotel for Check in and overnight.

Day 2: After breakfast at your hotel, start the tour with your private guide to the pyramids of Giza to see the Great pyramid of Khufu, the pyramid of king Chephren and the pyramid of Mycarinos. Continue your tours with the guide to the pyrmaids of the queens, the valley temple of Khufu, and then onto the great Sphinx. Lunch in a local counrtyside restuarant in your way to Sakkara and Memphis (Organic food). After Lunch, proceed to memphis the very first capital city in the world to see the Alabaster Sphinx, the colossi of Ramsis II and the ruins of the old city sidplayed in a small open air museum. Continue your tours to Sakkara where you will see the museum of great Imhotep, the step pyramid of Djoser, and the noble tombs from the old kingdom. Transfer you back to your hotel (meals included: Breakfast & Lunch).

Day 3: After breakfast at your hotel, start your tours with your private tour guide to Cairo museum to see the collection of king Tutankhamun, the ancient pieces collected from all over Egypt, as well as the ancient mummies. Continue your tours to Copic Cairo to see the oldest church, the oldest Synagogue, and the oldest modque ever built in Egypt. Lunch in a classy tourist restaurant. After lunch, Continue your tours to Islamic old Cairo to see the ancient streets of AlQahira, the ancient houses, schools, mosques, and shops, do amazing walking tour with your guide in Almuez street. Visit khan Elkhalili bazaar for your shopping in Cairo (the guide will show you some whole sale shops for the lowest prices of souvenirs). Transfer you to the train station for your night train to Aswan (meals includes: Breakfast & Lunch).

Day 4: Arrive Aswan in the morning with your guide, you will be met, welcomed and assisted by Aswan representative of Egypt Fun Tours who will take you to check in your Nile cruise: Start your tours with your private tour guide of Egypt Fun Tours to The high Dam, the temple of Phelae and the unfinished obelisk. Back to your Nile cruise for Lunch. After Lunch, continue your tours with the Felucca small sailing boats to the botanical gardens which is an island of the Nile in Aswan also known as Kitchenr's Island. Back to your cruise ship before dinner. After dinner, music and partying will be going on in the bar of the cruiseship (for those who prefer not to sleep so early). (Meals included: Lunch & Dinner).

Day 5: As early as 3 in the morning, start your tours to the great templeso f Abusimbel by Ramsis II, this tour is done by bus which is around 3 hours frive from Aswan to Abusimbel fot the visit of two temples built by ramsis II. Back to Aswan by Lunch time, Lunch on the cruise ship. After Lunch, enjoy a free afternoon with pportunity to stroll the city market with your tour guide (Aswan Market is famous for dry dates, Herbs, and hand made souvenirs). Dineer on board of your cruie ship. (Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner).

Day 6: The cruiseship navigates to Luxor with two stops, stop to see the temple of Kom Ombo in the early morning after breakfast, and then on to the temple of Edfu to see it after Lunch. Continue sailing to Luxor. Arrive at Luxor around midnight. (Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner).

Day 7: After breakfast, start your tours to the western bank of the Nile to see the valley of the kings, the temple of Queen hatshepsuet, and the colossi of Memnon. Lunch on board of your cruise ship. After lunch, start tours again to the temples of Karnak and the temple of Luxor. Dinner on board of your cruiseship. (Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Day 8: After breakfast at the cruiseship, check out the cruiseship. Start your tours to the temples of Dandarah & Abydos: One full day trip to the great temples of Hathor and Osiris with our air-conditioned tourist coach. (Meals included: Breakfast). Check in your hotel at Luxor.

Day 9: After breakfast, take seated train back to Cairo, arrive Cairo, check in your hotel, and overnight. (Meals included: Breakfast).

Day 10: After breakfast, transfer you to Cairo airport for your final departure.


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