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Fun Places for Kids

fun kidsWhen families plan their trip to Egypt, they always think about their kids and what kind of fun activities they could have in the land of the pharaohs where the fun and joy for elders is guaranteed! There are many fun places for kids in Egypt, especially in Cairo where there are many amusement parks, and aqua fun places.

Smart Camp
The camp is prepared to be out of the few non-traditional in Egypt.Several games and activities can be practised in this place such as skiing on the sand, American football, soapball, volleyball, soccer speedball, and ping-pong. As well as camping... Read more:
A World of Education for kids! Entertainment park for children designed to simulate with real cities to provide an opportunity for children aged 4 to 14 to live like adults, in order to complete the experiment, the kid himself does all financial t... Read more:
National Circus
Address: The Nile National Circus Theater - Agooza - next to the theater of the balloon Phone: 02-3346-4870, 02-3347-0612, 02-3347-050 Read more:
Ozon Amuzement Park
Amusement Park for youth in City Stars shopping mall, bowling and billiards as well as video games. The price of entry is two pounds, there is also a purchased card for games, rechargrable for the games you want to play. Working hours: from 11:30... Read more:
Sports Development Centre
A day full of games, includes riding bicycles, ball soap, air ball bubble football and the war of colors. For girls: sessions of yoga, dance Zumba and water wars. Tattoos as well as games, and racing Run in the 800 meters track. The phone number ... Read more:
Magic Planet
A good place of entertainment for children in the mall within the city center Maadi or Alexandria, there are video games and many other games. Address: City Center Maadi, ring road. Dates: from 10 o'clock in the morning to 1 in the morning. The Pr... Read more:
Maadi Island:
Good place to go out in Cairo. It is located infront of the armed forces hospital. In this pace you will find a small group of islands with artificial lakes. The price of the ticket 10 Egyptian Pound and it increases to 30 Egyptian pounds in hol... Read more:
African Safari Park
This Place is a jungle open on an area of 200 acres, entry be with cars, programme includes "Safari, river trip with the boats. Among what people see: bird house, reptile house, the cave". Take a tour of two and a half hours until three hours of... Read more:
Adrenaline Park Cairo
Open space of 1800 square metres for wars of colors. Between different teams composed of 8 members, start your wars and get colored insanely in case of lose! For all ages from the age of 3 years. Address: 8-basin area of green belt - sheikh zay... Read more:
Gravity Code: Egypt's First Trampoline Park
Jumping is fun in this place. Paly your favorite games while jumping. Basket ball, volley ball, hand ball, and many other games are just crazy to play in this place.Also it is so much fun to try dancing above the playground.3 Skies Plaza, EL Tes3e... Read more:
Aqua Park In Cairo
It is the largest Aqua city in the Middle East: Water Games, bath artificial sea waves, five swimming pools, and giant slides. It's a miracle in the desert. Ticket price is 95 L.E and the children's ticket is 75 L.E. Ticket includes entry + games ... Read more:
Fagnoon, Learning Is Fun
Fagnoon is one of the rare places in Cairo where both parents and children can take a break and spend a few unforgettable hours away from the city's loud noise and pollution. The word "Fagnoon" itself is a combination of two interesting words Fon... Read more:
Cinema Studios & The Magic Land In Cairo
Egypt is one of the first countries produced Media, and the cinema industry has started in Egypt as early as Egypt is considered the second country in the world after France. And the cinema history tells us that the first movie in Egypt was shown ... Read more:
Amusement Parks In Cairo
There are many amusement parks in Cairo, all of them are very well known to locals than tourists, and at least one amusement park can be found in every zone of Cairo, some of them are modest, and some others are fancy. Below is a list of amusement... Read more:
Dr. Ragab's Pharaonic Village
As a summary for your trip, and also great fun for the kids, you should drag the Pharaonic village into your list of fun places to see in Egypt. It is a big island on the Nile in Cairo, surrounded with tall trees to block the view of the modern li... Read more:
Giza Zoo
One of the biggest in the world, 120 acres in size, has got many old trees and animals as it is 110 years old. The Giza zoo was founded by khedive Abbas II Hilmi Bey (also known as Abbas Hilmi Pasha), but the idea was started by his father khedive... Read more:


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