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Places To Visit In Cairo

google pushpin mdHere is a list of some of the recommended places to visit around and in Cairo, also some selected places from all over Egypt. some of them are must-see places and some others are off the beaten track. Click each attraction to read full details and get introduction so you can travel Egypt easier and safer.

Hanging Church (al Muallaqa)
This church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is known as the “Hanging’ Church because it rests on the two southwestern bastions of the old Roman fortress of Babylon. Its nave extends over the portal that led into the ancient fortress. Some parts of th... Read more:
Gayer Anderson Museum
Bayt al-kritliyya is one of the most beautiful and interesting specimens of the 17th century Arab domestic architecture left in Cairo and provides an ideal setting for the furniture, carpets and objects that date back to the ancient Egyptian perio... Read more:
Church of Saint Serguis (Abu Serga)
The church of Saint Serguis is situated to the north of the Coptic Museum, down a narrow cobbled lane, and lies some three meters below street level. The church is dedicated to two Roman officers, Serguis and Bacchus, who were martyred in Syria in... Read more:
The Coptic Churches
The early Coptic churches were rebuilt and restored many times and again over the centuries, often reusing wood and stonework. For this reason some materials in a church may be of earlier date than the structure itself. Although these early church... Read more:
The Pyramid Street
The Pyramid street, or Haram street as the locals call, is considered the oldest street in Giza. it was founded in almost 400 B.C by the last ancient Egyptian king Nektanebu II as a trees avenu leads to the pyramids of Giza where the tombs of his ... Read more:
Coptic Cairo
Coptic Cairo is part of old Cairo called by the native Old Egypt ( Misr El-Qadeema). It is the house of the most ancient Christian churches in Egypt, and the Coptic museum.It was beleived that the holy family visited this area and stayed at the si... Read more:


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