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Animals In Ancient Egypt

animals in ancient egyptAnimals were so important in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians worshiped animals and there were hundreds of animal gods and goddesses in the ancient times. These animals were worshiped for reasons and some of them were good gods while some others were evil and the ancient Egyptian worshiped both with some kind of equality that is not empty of contradictions!

Why The Ancient Egyptians Worshipped Animals
The ancient Egyptians knew the biology science and each animal they worshiped had a function and was worshiped because of what it does to help mankind. However, the ancient Egyptian killed animals and mummified them and that did not mean lake of r... Read more:
The Egyptian Jackal
The Jackal was a very important animal in ancient Egypt, his name was Anubis and he was identified as the god of mummification. This animal was thought to be the first embalmer taught the ancient Egyptian about mummification. There are two differ... Read more:
The Egyptian Scarab (Dung Beetles)
You can’t visit Egypt without seeing the scarabs souvenirs sold everywhere. The beetle is depicted all over the tombs and the ancient temples. It symbolized the good luck in ancient times, also used to be one of the images of the sun god Ra by the... Read more:
Cheetah In Ancient Egypt
Cheetah was so important animal in ancient Egypt. The skin of a cheetah was the dress of the high priest who was the only one of his kind. The cheetah was chosen by the priests to be one of the strongest animals on the planet and the fastest ever.... Read more:


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